Travel Plus Art 3 Must-Visit Art Galleries In Reading UK

Travel Plus Art 3 Must-Visit Art Galleries In Reading UK

Art has always been a pride and treasure for a country. Every place has its own unique and precious presentation and interpretation of it. There are many forms target=”_blank” of art, and the industry is just colorful and very flexible. It’s just the right thing that art and artists are appreciated and showcased through the establishment of different avenues such as art galleries. In Reading, there are art galleries famous not only to locals but also to tourists.

If you see art pieces in shops and hotels in Reading, they’re probably a sneak peak of what’s more in the city’s art galleries. When you come to this UK city, you should spend time in some of them to understand more about the city’s priceless art and to know the artists featured there. To help you with that, below is a list of 3 must-visit art galleries found in Reading.

THE LEMONGROVE GALLERY (Minster Street, Reading)

Photo Source - Twitter - Lemongrove Gallery Reading

Photo Source – Twitter – Lemongrove Gallery Reading

Situated in Minster Street is one of the United Kingdom’s most outstanding independent art galleries. Since its birth in 2005, The Lemongrove Gallery has always been proud and honored to be an avenue where skillful artists are able to exhibit their masterpieces for the public to see and take pleasure in. 

The Lemongrove Gallery is a great place where you can witness spectacular art in paintings. From vintage fine art, exclusives, limited editions to contemporary pieces, your eyes will never be dissatisfied! You can just stroll, but it would be a different experience if you take home some remembrances. 

There is a great array of art displays in The Lemongrove Gallery. Updated regularly, various artists are hosted and exhibitions are held in the gallery. It would be a gold chance if as a traveler in Reading, you unexpectedly meet one of the artists you look up to! And that can happen in The Lemongrove Gallery!

An excellent team of knowledgeable, well-trained and experienced art consultants is what’s behind this gallery’s success, and it’s also what makes guests’ visit a beautiful one. Accommodating staff will help you with every need you have. With dear smiles, you will always be welcomed, and you’ll know you are in the right place.

What guests and clients love about going to this art gallery is that they can enjoy their time. That’s what tourists love also, right? A time you can spend focusing and understanding the art pieces is a valuable opportunity. Staff will not bother you as you go around the gallery, but they are available if there’s anything you’re curious about.

What people hate when going to places where things can be purchased is that the staff go around with them. In The Lemongrove Gallery, you don’t have to feel pressured to buy as they are just there to guide you while you can take your own time.  

The not-so-formal but classy ambience is perfect for an impulsive visit! Additionally, there are tasty refreshments you can have. Well, it’s surely a lovely thing to pop in a visit to The Lemongrove Gallery; there’s nothing like it anywhere else.

EPOCH3 (Caversham, Reading)

Source - Epoch3 FB Page

Source – Epoch3 Facebook Page

There’s always a stunning hidden gem, and it’s worth-visiting! That’s exactly what Epoch3 is!  This art gallery is not what you think it just is. Not only does Epoch3 unveil visual arts, but its main focus is revamping furniture, creating art out of them. 

Found in Caversham, Epoch3 is known for its vast variety of creativity shown in different mediums such as chalk paint, soaps, jewellery, crafts and again, its specialty, reconditioned furniture. The list goes on. 

An environment-friendly art gallery, Epoch3 is a place you can enjoy and bring home some good and artistic finds!


Source - Castle Galleries Website

Source – Castle Galleries Website

Contemporary fine art is what Castle Fine Art (Castle Galleries) puts the spotlight over. With an astounding number of original masterpieces, sculptures and prints, this gallery should be part of your travel itineraries in Reading. 

This gallery started in 1995, and it’s still busy showcasing a long list of modern artworks today. Right now, with other gallery branches of Castle Fine Art, many family homes have become the new homes for the artwork sold there.

New amazing art pieces are released weekly, so whatever day you travel to it, you will witness freshly posted works of art. Notably, their artworks are hand-signed by the original creators and are framed for a more stunning presentation and view of them.

Castle Fine Art has been working and collaborating with huge artists, so it’s indeed a privilege to be able to set foot in this rich gallery. Not only that because local talents are, of course, supported, enhanced and fostered by Castle Fine Art. New artists have also been born through it, and their creations now hang on several homes.

There are regular events annually, so it’s a nice opportunity if you’d be able to engage by the time you are in Reading. Castle Fine Art (Castle Galleries) has always been dedicated to fulfilling its motto ‘Your world, our art’.



There are many things to do in Reading, UK, and as a traveler, you should know how to spend your time wisely and productively. Visiting these art galleries is one way to do just that! Boost your creativity as you travel. You’ll never know, you might meet your admired artists right there and then when you least expect it! Even better, Reading might be the city where you will discover the true artist within you!

AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER target=”_blank” SUITES Reading, a luxury hotel substitute offering guests the comfort of their own homes through splendid suites and lovely penthouse apartments. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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