What Attracts Tourists to visit the Land of Royal Culture?

What Attracts Tourists to visit the Land of Royal Culture?

Such belief systems steeped into mythology and religiosity led to the establishment of grand temples in honor of multitudinous deities. Many Muslim rulers have invaded this age-old center of Hindu pilgrimage. Many iconoclastic invaders such as Mohammad Ghori and Allauddin Khilji have destroyed many Hindu temples and palaces.


The ruins of those ancient monuments have an aura of lost regality and still serve as a tourist spot of historical importance. Mughal rule in India also affected the architectural patterns of Rajasthani artifacts. The intricate fringes enclosing the balconies and porticos are designs attributed to the Mughal architectural preferences.

The Jantar Mantar, Dilwara temple, city palaces, forts of Chittorgarh and mansions in Jaisalmer are important sites of Rajasthan tour packages. You can’t help but marvel at the works of art that combine both Islamic and Hindu stylistic patterns to create a masterpiece. The English culture deeply influenced the Rajputs residing in Rajasthan during the two centuries of British rule in India. Many Rajput aristocrats assigned English architects to design their palaces. These majestic specimens of architectural wonders elevate Rajasthan to a land of royal culture.

Best Camel safari tours


Among the thousands of tourists perennially visiting Rajasthan, the majority of them come specially to experience camel safari tours that are a part of various Rajasthan tour packages. The most suitable spot for a camel safari is the city of Bikaner. Housing several camel breeding farms, Bikaner becomes a center of attraction for its camel fairs and traders’ festivals.

Bikaner is famous for desert camps and camel rides. The combination of these recreational activities makes Rajasthan a seat of unique travel experiences. These camps allow you to explore the entire Thar desert region on a camelback.

The camel safaris provided by various travel agency in India will give you a chance to participate in a traditionally cultural tour through different Rajasthani villages. Villages like Ghantiyali and Bharodia nada will fascinate you with their indigenous modes of livelihood. These are a few unexplored regions of Bikaner that can be easily covered with the camel safari programs conducted by the Best Tour Operator in India.

These camel safari camps will take you thought the best spots in the entire city in two to three days, making your stay in Rajasthan worthwhile.

The Mount Abu hill station


This site of scenic beauty is also known as the oasis of the rather arid Rajasthan. Situated on the Aravalli hills, this beautiful region abounds in exotic flora, fauna and rich natural wonders. Mount Abu had always been a popular holiday zone for royal families.

This hill station is an essential itinerary for those tourists who would like to experience a luxurious vacation inclusive of staying at grand lodges, visiting fine architectural sites such as the Jain temples of white marble. The water rides in Nakki lake are a grand affair that will create an inedible mesmerizing effect on any tourist.

Ancient cities, a seat of nobility


Cities such as Jodhpur and Jaipur (also the state capital of Rajasthan) bespeaks of royal culture. Jodhpur is also popularly known as the city of forts and palaces. It houses a centuries-old wall built by a king to safeguard the city against sand storms. The palaces and structured lakes are designed in the famous art deco style. Tourists would also get the opportunity to visit royal hunting lodges and breathe in the regal aura of ancient and postmodern royal families.

The holy city of Pushkar is an age-old pilgrimage site of the numerous Rajput dynasties that have ruled Rajasthan. The traditional annual carnival that takes place in late October and early November exudes a charm of a royally festive aura.

Pushkar represents all that is Rajasthani and royal. Situated on the banks of a sacred lake, this devotional zone has ancient temples and over fifty bathing Ghats the construction of which was undertaken by royal patrons.

This is the very reason why Pushkar is the heart of Rajasthan that comingles carnivalesque elements with the inherent royal culture that typifies Rajasthan.

The other regal factors


No matter which part of Rajasthan you are visiting, there is always an opportunity to enjoy the luxury of a traditional Rajasthani thaali. This platter is a royal spread with several royal delicacies arranged together and served with a traditional Rajasthani bread basket containing naans and missi rotis. This thaali belongs to the most prioritized cuisine category for tourists visiting Rajasthan.

Another special activity that forms a part of the luxurious tour plans is a ride in the luxury train known as the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels. This train is modeled after the palaces of Rajasthan. This train takes tourists to various important tourist sites across Rajasthan. This train ride allows you to explore the entire princely state that too in a style that could befit any royalty.

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