What Do You Do When You Want to See the Essence of North India

What Do You Do When You Want to See the Essence of North India

“I have heard that India is full of mystique and exotic things. I have always wanted to travel to far off places in the world to have unique experiences and do things which I would not be able to at home! I know that India is not uniform, so I was wondering where I can go to for these life changing experiences?” The answer is “visit Delhi and Jaipur.”  Delhi is India’s capital and Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, euphemistically known as the ‘land of pink cities.”

What to do in Delhi?

“I know Delhi is the national capital of India. I also know that the city is vast and big. How would I know what to tour and when to go there?” Well, to answer that question which is frequently asked by international tourists, “there is a myriad of places to visit in Delhi One popular and the well-known place is mentioned below.”

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Go Bahai

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temle- New Delhi

Before you say, “Go what and where?” you should know that India’s civilization and history stretch back more than seven thousand years.  India has also been invaded by many from different civilizations and empires over that time period – the last one being the British. This has left invaders ample opportunity to leave their rich religious legacies as an imprint on the Indian people – be it Islam or Judaism. The Bahai house of worship, also known as the ‘Lotus Temple’ is one of the most famous places in India as a worship place.

Ba’athism believes that all religions and gods are the same and they actively promote this credo in their practices and teachings. The main doctrine of Bahaism is to unite humanity in the universal quest for peace and unity. This is reflected in the shape of the temple which assumes the form of a lotus flower. Hence the nickname the ‘Lotus Temple!’ People from around the world from different walks of life and religious backgrounds are welcome at the temple.

What to do in Jaipur

“What places to visit in Jaipur are there for me to explore?” This question has probably crossed your mind and maybe on more than one occasion. Jaipur is called the ‘pink city’ for a reason. Most of its buildings and many of its palaces are painted in a tell tale light pink colour. Since Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan which was a ‘land of Kings’ during the time of the ‘British Raj,’ there are many palaces which you can visit. One is mentioned below:

Amber palace – the one palace in Jaipur which never ceases to amaze

Amber Palace in Jaipur

Picture of Amber palace

This beautiful palace is located approximately 24 kilometres away from Jaipur’s airport. Its beauty comes from its construction which is from red sandstone and marble. Indeed, this palace’s marble makes it gleam in the Sun.’ This amazes anyone who visits this iconic palace which symbolizes and characterizes both Jaipur and Rajasthan in more ways than one! A visit to this palace will allow you to view breathtaking landscapes which are picture worthy. You will see the Makota lake in the background.

City Palace – It could be India’s answer to the Orient Express

City Palace In Jaipur

City Palace In Jaipur

If you have ever studied European history in-depth, you are somewhat familiar with the Orient Express. This was a train which ran across Asia (‘the orient) in the 19th century. It was owned and operated by the British and was a must experience for anyone wealthy in Europe or Asia. The palace on wheels can be compared to this largely because of its amazing architecture which takes the visitor back to a much simpler and more traditional time.

It was built between 1729 and 1732. The royal family still lives there. The architecture of this palace is an amazing combination of Mughal, European, and Indian. It is a work of art in terms of a historic building for this reason. The City palace is part of a larger complex which is known as the Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal.

Now you can explore the real India

They say that North India is ‘the real India’ largely because of its deep and complex history. If this is the case, you will visit ‘the real India’ by visiting the two places mentioned above because they are steeped in history!

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