What Makes Istanbul the Greatest Tourist Destination for Everybody

What Makes Istanbul the Greatest Tourist Destination for Everybody

Istanbul has one of the most ancient historical backgrounds in Turkey, it’s acknowledged to be the largest city in the entire country, serving a huge mixture of cultures, monuments, and diverse activities that makes it such a big attraction and a great destination for tourists from all over the world.

Historical Sightings

You can find in Istanbul the richest historical sightings in Turkey, since many different civilizations have found a settlement within the city such as the Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Romans, Ottomans, and many others, leaving behind great historical knowledge demonstrated in Museums that showcase an ancient way of life of these civilizations.

We will suggest you a few must-visiting historical museums in Istanbul:


Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the most famous sight in Istanbul, it’s such venerable with incredible Islamic design and architecture that dates all the way back to the ottoman empire age. It’s listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. The mosque is hand-painted blue and at night is bathed with light. It has five main domes, eight secondary domes, and six minarets with amazing sacred energy that makes it a must-have experience.



This monument is considered one of the world’s greatest religious sights, full of beautiful mosaic paintings showing multiple religious symbols. Many religions over the centuries have taken this monument as a house of worship, from a roman church in the 12th century all the way to a mosque in 1453. Afterwards, it was transformed into a museum that hosts plenty of visitors each year.


The museum still carries the physical lifestyle of the ottoman empire epoch in the 19th century. You will find precious jewelry, vulnerable ornaments, rare pieces, objects of everyday life, sacred clothes, ancient manuscripts of Islam and much more, that are placed for all people to discover.


The Galata Tower is one of the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul. The tower is 219 feet high, which makes it offer an amazing panoramic view straight to the old Istanbul town and all the neighborhoods surrounding. It’s also considered one of the greatest cities symbols. You can even find on the top of the tower restaurants and nightclubs that are reachable by the elevator full of special dining memory.



The Topkapi palace demonstrates the physical livings from the ottoman empire. It contains the equipment of the old palace from the jewel-filled treasury, courtrooms, kitchen, audience chambers, and much more. The Topkapi was the official royal residence of the ottoman empire, it still has all the Turkish government seats and all the rooms for exploration.

Activities and Experiences

There are so many options for entertainment in Istanbul. As the city is divided into two sides; the European and the Asian, we will give you a few must-do activities in Istanbul.

1. Grand Bazaar

It is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world, with over 4,000 shops that sell different products: jewelry, clothes, Turkish sweets, spices, traditional carpets, and much more. Located in the center of Istanbul, the grand bazaar was seen as the world’s first shopping mall offering a variety of Turkey’s products for all visitors with great quality.

2. Princes’ Islands

Known as Adalar which means Islands in Turkish. Located in the Marmaray sea near the Asian side, the princes’ islands contain 4 islands Büyükada, Burgazada , Heybeliada , Kınalıada.

The islands provide an amazing nature view with beautiful mountains and private beaches, mixed with the historical synagogues, churches, and mosques all over the islands. You get to the islands with such easy access with the ferry boat that is available on both European and Asian sides.

3. Istanbul Segway Tours

You can discover Istanbul city with Segway Tours, visiting historical iconic monuments such as Sultanahmet, Topkapi, Hippodrome Square, Bozdoğan Aqueduct, old town and more, in a unique special vehicle with a tour guide that can provide you all the guidance you need that will make your trip more fun and memorable.

4. Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

It is one of the largest aquariums in Europe and the first public aquarium in Turkey. Located in Bayrampaşa in Istanbul, sea life is an amazing way to experience the underwater world with a huge collection of varieties of fish and other sea creatures.

5. Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Turkish Night Show

You can have the most exclusive experience by seeing Istanbul’s stunning view from the vantage point of a Bosphorous River by night, sliding along the river with Bosphorous bridges and beautiful mosques. You can also enjoy having special live shows with Turkeys great musical and dance heritage.

→ In Istanbul you will get the chance to explore all of these magical places and much more, so miss the chance to visit the magical city while traveling in Turkey. Get your e-Visa now and enjoy the moment!

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