What Should Be With You in Carry-on Baggage in Travelling?

What Should Be With You in Carry-on Baggage in Travelling?

Before traveling, you can have two options. First, you need to save a lot before starting to travel to make it comfortable. Second, you can avail the opportunity by grabbing a discounted ticket and starting traveling. However, traveling without luggage is the best way to enjoy the trip. 

Life Without Luggage

Yes, it is possible, real, and attractive. You save money on air tickets and save your physical strength for more interesting things than escorting a pot-bellied suitcase from home to the airport, from the airport to the hotel, and further along the chosen course.

Next time, when you want to take on vacation not only yourself, but all new looks with shoes and accessories to match, think about it. You will look at the city and people, and not vice versa. The backpack, which will pass the sensitive control of the airport staff, can easily fit a couple of T-shirts, a sweater, trousers or skirt, light shoes, a travel cosmetic bag, and anything else you need.

Five Rules For the Perfect Carry-on Backpack

The weight should be up to 10 kg for economy class or up to 15 kg for business class (two seats with a total weight of up to 15 kg).

Dimensions should not be more than 55 × 40 × 23 cm. Check-in counters have frames for checking the luggage dimensions. If the backpack fits in them, everything is in order with the dimensions.

No Piercing, Noxious, or Flammable Items

The total volume of liquids, gels, creams should not be more than one liter (while the volume of the container is no more than 100 ml). It means that you can take those products that are packed in custom 100 ml bottle boxes to one-liter bottle boxes.

Make sure that your backpack of carry on baggage can be taken to the cabin: check its dimensions in the S7 Airlines mobile app for iOS. In the side menu, open the section “Baggage measurement” to allow access to the camera, and point your smartphone at the backpack. The app will take measurements and write if it is suitable for carry-on luggage.

How Can You Check Carry-on Baggage?

Be prepared for your small backpack to be checked along with huge suitcases and in three stages.

At the entrance to the airport: You will go through the frame of the stationary metal detector. You will be asked to put your phone, headphones, keys, and coins from your pockets on a table next to the frame. The bag will need to be sent through a special x-ray scanner.

When registering: An airline employee will weigh and measure your carry-on baggage and attach a special tag to it.

In the pre-flight inspection area: Here, you will put your backpack back on the scanner tape. You will also send outerwear, a hat, a belt, a watch, and a phone, there is a special container. And you will go through a special frame again.

An airport employee may ask you to open your backpack or suitcase and show the thing that aroused his suspicion. Do not worry, because you have prepared well and only took those things that are allowed in your carry-on baggage.

What Can You Take in Carry-on Baggage?

Clothing. Here the formula for success is layering. Make your wardrobe so that you can easily put on a sweater on a T-shirt, and if it is wind or rain, then a windbreaker or jacket. We leave a dress that looks only with shoes, a bag, earrings, and a coat at home. You should also have an umbrella. Instead, take a raincoat that fits in the palm of your hand when folded. And in general, follow the weather forecast to the last, so as not to miscalculate with the choice.

Vacuum bags are excellent space-saving bags. Use them for items that can be wrinkled (or they don’t wrinkle at all). If the hotel has an iron, then you generally have a knee-deep sea.

The difference in the cost of a flight without baggage and with baggage is from 2,000 rubles one way.

Put on the most voluminous things yourself so that they do not take up space. You can remove them on the plane. It is better to be in jeans, and take a light “bottom” with you. Sneakers or boots are on your feet. Rag sneakers, ballet flats, or sandals (stop at one thing) should be in a backpack. In the salon, you can get out of your shoes and put on socks. Feet will be more comfortable in this way.

Cosmetic Bag

The contents of the bag are legendary, and we remember the names of displacement, volume, consistency. Let’s put an end to the disputes. For everything, you have one liter in which you need to fit liquids, creams, pastes, gels. Each separate tube with your favorite “elixir” of youth, freshness, and purity – no more than 100 ml.

And even if there is only one time left in a tube of 500 ml of shampoo, such a tube will not fly anywhere.

To torment yourself with math and measurements, come to a cosmetic store and choose a special travel kit. It looks like this: a liter transparent sealed package and several empty tubes of 100 ml each. So here you will be fully armed. And yes. Creams, toothpaste, body milk, and even mascara are also liquids. These types of products can also be packed in custom cbd packaging boxes.

How to Keep within a Liter? 

Use cleansing wipes instead of lotion. It means that you should not go with shower gel or solid soap. If samples from cosmetic stores are languishing at home, take them with you, it is their finest hour. You can take some items on board that have a special plane badge.

And further, think how important it is to take everything from home. First, clarify what of the funds are waiting for you on the shelf in the hotel. Secondly, you can always update your cosmetic bag upon arrival.

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