What To Expect In A Safari In Tanzania

What To Expect In A Safari In Tanzania

Whether or not there’s an adventure junkie in you, a safari in the wild lands of Tanzania is sure to make you wake it up. The incredibly beautiful lands of Tanzania hold every known aspect of African wildlife in its lap. No wonder they call it the cradle of life!

However, if you are new to the thrill of experiencing the adventures of virgin lands such as that of Tanzania and Zanzibar is new to you, here are some things you can expect when you are booking Tanzania safari and Zanzibar packages.

Diverse Ecosystem

Tanzania is one land which is blessed with a plethora of incredible landscapes which form the unique ecosystem known to humankind. From mountain forests, golden savannas, and the exquisite Tropical lands, Tanzania is also home to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Ngoro Ngoro Conservation Area.

The crater is an archaeological wonder, also known as the ‘Eden garden of Africa’ with almost 25,000 species of animals including lions, black rhinos, and other bigger mammals living here. With the presence of two grand lakes, water never foes scarce in the area and you can never avoid the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro which is the World’s Tallest Free-Standing Mountain. You can book reasonably priced Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar Packages to experience this exclusive ecosystem

Dense Wildlife

When you visit Tanzania, the most heart-throbbing part of your experience would be to stance face-to-face or just a few miles away from the wildest of beasts known to mankind. The abundant wildlife of Tanzania can be a bit difficult to spot if you don’t have experienced guides and rangers with you. When you meet the right person to show you around, you will come across a land teeming with wild beasts through and through especially when it’s the time for the Great Migration.

Start Early in the Wilderness of the Jungles

Animals are active during the darker hours, often when the sun is yet to come out. So, go for the safari before the sunrise where you will have to spend 4-5 hours in a safari vehicle. Though the experience will be worth the pain, you will have to bear the scorching heat of the African sun for hours, and the bumpy roads will be a task.

No Weather Forecasts

Well, it is not just the wildlife of the lands which can barge-in in front of your eyes all of a sudden because the changing weather can give you the shock of your life too. Yes, Tanzania is situated near the equator, so the two weather conditions common to the land is either sunny or rainy. Don’t forget to bring your hats, caps, sunblock, and rainy-day gear along!

Little Network Coverage

The camps, especially those far off, don’t have phone network coverage. However, most of them have enough internet to allow you to be online and post pictures of your safari.

In the end, this is just the beginning of everything that you can expect in the exotic lands of Tanzania, and the rest (accommodation, food, and adventures) depend upon your budget and how you’re planning to spend that budget.

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