What You Can Do In Your Agra Sightseeing Tour

What You Can Do In Your Agra Sightseeing Tour

Undeniably, Agra is a hub to the resplendent monuments in India. Apart from the seventh wonder of the world, Taj Mahal offers a lot more to its visitors. Being one of the most populated cities in India, it sees the visitors from various parts of the world to enjoy the charm & architectural wonders. The city of wonders possesses the perfect amalgamation of modern development and rich history which makes it a perfect place to visit for its visitors. If you are in a hurry and want to enjoy your one day Agra tour on the go then include these “must-to-do” while you plan your trip.

Places for Accommodation

You can choose any of the hotel based on budget, value and luxury.

Budget-Friendly – There are a number of hotels located at the walking distance of 15 to 20 minutes where you can enjoy your one or two night stay. You can also meet the other travelers in such places.

Value – If you want to go for a great accommodation in a good value then hotels like ITC Mughal, Agra can be your first choice. It is less-expensive and offers a splendorous view with its mesmerizing gardens and surrounding. Being one of the luxurious and finest hotels, it is also at the short drive distance from Taj.

Luxury – If you want a luxurious accommodation but close to the Taj Mahal then Oberoi Villa has everything you are looking for. Being one of the astounding hotels in the world, it is admired for its luxury services.

What You Can Explore In Agra Tour

Enjoy the sweetness of local delicacy ‘Petha’ – Petha is one of the most popular and sellable items comes in different flavors such as strawberry, pineapple and chocolate. People love to take it to their homes for its delicious and sweet taste. Finding Petha is very easy here as one can get it at the local stores.

Sunset at Mehtab Bagh – Mehtab Bagh is one of the popular places to visit in Agra after Taj Mahal. The travelers come here to experience the beautiful sunset that features the great colors of the sky. The park offers a calm and pleasant atmosphere and takes away all the fatigue of the day.

Hullabaloo at the Yamuna River – While crossing the holy river Yamuna, you can see a number of people doing fishing, playing or doing a picnic. It is a must to see on a couple of occasions.

Visit Sheroes Hangout Cafe – You can support the acid attack survivors by eating food at this café. It offers delicious western food like a mango smoothie, fries, veg-burger etc. The amazing thing about the visiting here was checking out that there is no price list on the menu card. You are encouraged to pay as per your wish.

Need To Be Alert

While visiting Agra, you will experience the best of architectural in the country but with this, you need to be really careful too. Whenever you go outside, keep your eyes & ears open and protect your valuable belongings from the local crowd.

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