Why Baku Is Favorite Place for Tourists to Visit

Why Baku Is Favorite Place for Tourists to Visit

Azerbaijan is now attracting tourists due to its magnificent nature, history, gorgeous views, and hospitality. Baku, often known as “Windy City,” is the Land of Fire’s capital. Baku, which is located in the heart of the historic Silk Road, fascinates visitors not only because of its colorful past, but also because of its contemporary architecture. The government began issuing a unique electronic visa to travel to Azerbaijan for nationals of over 90 countries in May 2017, although Pakistan is presently not on the list of eligible countries. Nonetheless, this does not preclude you from learning about the conditions that must be met while completing an application before travelling to Baku Azerbaijan.

Is It Safe to Travel to Azerbaijan?

Commercial flights travelling to Baku Azerbaijan have returned to pre-pandemic levels. A limited number of transit visa for Azerbaijan to and from other regional airports are also available. During your stay at the airport and on the aircraft, you must wear a medical mask at all times. The mask must be worn at all times unless otherwise specified, such as during border check, at the request of an airport authority, or when eating. Azerbaijan’s land borders with all of its neighbors are still closed.

Visa Requirement for Azerbaijan:

The most significant component of the entire application procedure for a travelling to Baku Azerbaijan r visa is gathering the documentation you’ll need to give over to the embassy. These documents verify your identification, travel authorization, trip purpose, and travel plans.

The Following Are The Documents:

  • Completed visa application travelling to Baku Azerbaijan. It may be completed online.
  • Your passport or other travel documents must be valid for at least three months beyond the duration of your planned stay in Azerbaijan. It’s also a good idea to copy the primary page of your passport or travel document.
  • Two current color pictures that fit your biometric identification needs.
  • A copy of your medical insurance certificate.
  • You must show proof that you paid the visa cost (receipt).
  • A registered copy of a certificate (for non-governmental organizations) and a document demonstrating the purpose of an invitation must be presented by the inviting party and authorized by an appropriate authority of the executive power. Transit, tourism, official, and personal travel visas do not require these papers.

Best Place to Visit in Baku:

Highland Park:

Highland Park is, in my view, the most stunning of all the Baku tourist attractions. This park is also known as the “Viewing Square” because it gives the most amazing and magnificent views over the Caspian Sea, the distinctive Flame Towers, and the entire city from the top of a long and wide flight of stairs. The big observation platform has chairs all around it, and the environment is really serene and restful.

Maiden Tower:

The enigmatic UNESCO World Heritage Site of Maiden Tower is the most interesting to travelling to Baku Azerbaijan. This monument, which is located in the center of Icherisheher (the Old City), has been the topic of scientific dispute for decades. The odd part is that no one knows for sure when or why the tower was erected, or how it received its name. Some academics believe it was erected as a fortress, while others say it was a Zoroastrian temple, and still others believe it was used as an observatory.

Heydar Aliyev Center:

If you’re interested in learning about Azerbaijan travels and culture, the Heydar Aliyev Center should be at the top of your list of things to do in Baku. The visual displays in this museum do a fantastic job of capturing Azerbaijan’s cultural and aesthetic evolution throughout the ages. Hundreds of years of history are broken down into visually appealing charts and films that are both interesting and simple to follow.

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