Top Five Reasons To Invest In Corporate Video Production Strategy Today!

Top Five Reasons To Invest In Corporate Video Production Strategy Today!

Writing good articles and blogs for your business can be a beneficial marketing strategy. But, in today’s ever-changing internet era, where the customers have less than 10 seconds of attention span, you need to do more. You need to create a solid corporate strategy that covers all the bases and provides the customers exactly what they want within few seconds.

And that is where corporate video production comes in. In fact, you must have seen multiple advertisements in a day while checking a video on YouTube. Similarly, even Facebook and Instagram feature some impressive amount of corporate videos. And these videos aren’t posted on the social media because someone wants too, but it is posted in order to create awareness about the brand or the content creator.

So, if you haven’t made a shift to video marketing strategy yet, then you are missing out a lot. Let us help you know-how:

1 Video Adds Personality To Your Brand: We know pictures can speak a thousand words, but you want to speak more than a thousand words when it comes to promoting the brand. And a video can help you in doing so. A strategically curated video will not only engage your customers but will also increase brand awareness by almost 52%. Likewise, videos posted on Facebook tend to increase user engagement by 33%.

And as a marketing director, we are sure that your focus with each marketing strategy is to generate brand awareness and engage with the customers.

By providing the customers with what they actually want makes your brand look attentive and thoughtful, thus adding personality to your brand.

2 Video Showcases the Product Better: Better quality images are highly appreciated, especially on e-commerce platforms. But why choose an image when you can show the same in a 3d realm. In fact, with your video, you can show the product exactly as it is, allowing the customers to get a better view before investing in the product.

And nowadays, when internet scam and fraud has become prevalent due to ecommerce counterfeits, your video marketing strategy will only enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

3 Better Way of Providing Information:  Not everyone loves to spend their free time reading about a product; some might have a different way of consuming information. If your goal is to educate your customers, then articles and blogs can only do so much.

With tutorial or explainer videos, you can teach the users how useful your services are, how your products can be used, how your brand is better, and name a few.

By incorporating corporate videos in your current marketing strategy, you can attract customers who only love the content in the form of videos or infographics. Similarly, transcribing your video with text beneath can attract customers from the national and international levels. That means, your reach will only get amplified on a daily basis.

4 Google Will Appreciate You: Google loves videos, or else, why would Google have purchased YouTube in 2006 by investing US$1.65 billion. Well, if this sentence doesn’t convince you, then take a look by yourself.

Just beneath the search box, Google has a section for the “video.” If you search for anything, you will be provided the results of your search in the video section too. Sometimes, if your search is DIY or tutorial-related, the YouTube videos may appear in the “All” section, allowing you to view the videos directly without opening the video section.

So, investing in video marketing will never go wrong, especially if you have optimized it as per the search engine standards.

5 Boost Your Sales and Conversion Rates: Nowadays, social media is all about sharing, liking, and reposting posts. And since sharing has become easy, it takes only a few seconds for your video to reach 100 people at once.

So, if your corporate videos are attractive, informative, or even emotion-evoking, then you can stay assured that your video will need just a few minutes to get viral by the hands of the customers. And trust us, as the shares increase, so will the sales and conversion rates.

In fact, research shows that 85% of customers tend to make a purchase after watching the product video.

Not as a seller, but think from a customer’s point of view. Will you purchase anything without looking at the visuals?

You have the answer already, don’t you?

Over to You

We, humans, are more inclined towards things that visually entertain us. That is why commercial advertisements are the first choice of many established brands.

Now that you know what you are missing without a video marketing strategy in place, we are sure you must be thinking of investing in corporate video production. In that case, there is no one better than Cinevita Films.

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