10 Amazing Business Logos With High ROI

10 Amazing Business Logos With High ROI

No matter how big your product or service is, it won’t amount to a thing if you don’t have an eye-catching logo. Yes, this is in fact the truth why many business ventures fail to make it big in today’s competitive market.

A logo plays the role of a business card to the end customers. Therefore, it is very important to have an accurate logo design that can easily create a lasting impact on viewers and clients.

While the market today abounds with various logo maker tools, before you take the big plunge, it is very pertinent to have a business logo which guarantees high ROI. In this blog below we will discuss in detail which all logos have the highest possibilities of striking the right chord with the viewers.

10 Amazing Business Logos

Mascot Logos:

Mascot logos are nothing but designs that have a friendly character as the face of the company or business. Have you ever come across brands like Pringles or Michelin? What did you find common in both of them? Well, let us answer the same for you. Both these and many other popular brands today like Wendys have used the mascot logo as their official face. A huge benefit of having a mascot logo is that it will connect with the company instantly and hence draw audiences towards it.

Modern-Business Logos:

If 3D and abstract design is something that your company connects with then-modern logos shall be your first choice. These types of logos induce a forward thinking-feeling in the minds of the audiences due to their techy feel and design elements. From the geometric shape, sharp lines, gradient, neons, and metallics everything can be included in this logo design as a permanent representation of modern arts.

Emblem Logos:

One of the most demarcating aspects of emblem logos are they are characterized by a badge or shape. These logos help a brand in showcasing a unique identity that caters well to the audiences. One of the unique USP of emblem logos is that they work well for every type of business.

Retro Inspired Logos:

For people looking forward to incorporating a quirky, midcentury look, retro logos work the best in this sector. These logos depict your brand in the best way and also project an old-century look. A retro-design can be easily created with logo maker tools available online and is a great choice for an irreverent brand identity.

Wordmark Logos:

These logos are nothing but words that are crafted into logos for a more detailed look. A few examples in the market for a wordmark logo is that of Google and eBay. With the help of these logos your brand name is instantly recognized by the end audiences and hence is in every way a solid marketing tool.

Minimalist Logos:

As the name widely suggests these logos are based on the concept of minimalism. All businesses that aim of having a clean and straightforward brand identity can opt for a minimalist logo. Frankly speaking, this type of logos inculcates a few letters and simple imagery to create the right punch with fewer words.

Pictorial Logos:

Pictorial logos are creative designs that have a picture that does all the talking. But here is a catch, these pictures unlike the ones used in the mascot logos are static. The most famous in the league of the pictorial logo is the symbol of “Apple” in Apple. While the image in the mascot logo has a personality, pictorial logos, on the other hand, weave stories around the picture which conveys the correct meaning to the audience.

Combination Logos:

This type of logo design combines two or more logos and creates a unique result. The most famous among the combination logo is that of the Burger King brand which has cleverly combined a wordmark logo with an abstract image of a hamburger.

Illustraed logos:

Illustrated logos are unique as they ooze creativity. These logos have a simple and minimalistic design along with detailed and rich textures. One of the most common features of these logos is they give a hand-drawn vibe rather than a graphic design feel

Abstract Logos:

Abstract logos are similar to pictorial logos in many ways. They have an image, and are bound by eye-catching graphics, but with a huge difference. Unlike pictorial logos, these have an abstract shape.

How To Make A Stunning Logo For Your Business?

It is a paramount aspect for every business to connect with the customers. But not every logo has the authenticity to create the first right impression. It is here where logo maker tools come to your rescue.

Designhill logo maker is one of the best in this category. The company helps you create stunning logos that define the soul of your business in a jiffy. You have an option to choose from the hundreds of professional logo templates that you can further customize with the graphic elements, font size, and other designs according to your taste. The Designhill logo maker is truly the best in this category as it lets you glide through the hundreds of designs and in every way gets your branding way more simplified in just three easy steps.


It is true that to unearth the world of logos is literally search for the notion of uniqueness. Therefore, next time you want to create a logo that represents your business acumen keenly, these above-mentioned designs will give you a quick heads up and let you navigate the right way in a stipulated period of time.

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