4 Ways to offer a Truly User-Friendly Browsing Experience to your Visitors

4 Ways to offer a Truly User-Friendly Browsing Experience to your Visitors

Starting a business in any place comes with a lot of challenges. And if the marketplace is saturated, then you will face extra pressure to perform as you need to be on your toes really to come out triumphant. Dubai is also one such market where there are lots of opportunities for carrying out a business, but you need to be on song related to every aspect for making it big here.

A user-friendly and easy browsing experience is what you need to provide to the visitors for offering them every opportunity to use it with ease. Following are the top 4 ways in which you need to develop a website so that your current and future visitors will have a wonderful experience.

Easy Navigation

While businesses don’t pay much attention to how navigation is used by the visitors on their ecommerce websites or shopping portals, it is critical, to say the least. If I say that navigation is directly related to the usability of a website, then it wouldn’t be wrong. If the navigation is not optimal, any website which suffers in spite of having great visuals and features. There are 3 features that you need to apply to make a website’s navigation perfect.

  1. Simplicity: If it isn’t simple, navigation will test the patience of the visitors. You need to offer what they are looking for within fewest clicks possible.
  2. Clarity: There should be no prize for guessing for visitors to know exactly what you mean by a particular option.
  3. Consistency: The website should not lose the consistency for all the pages on the website.

When designing navigation, you need to prioritize navigation options so that there is only one simple way in this concern. You need to select the navigation pattern according to the user’s needs.

Search Options

It is the next logical step after navigation as while browsing we all need to search for some information or a product we want to buy. On a shopping portal, for example, there can be a host of problems for anyone if he can’t find the product he is looking for. The search box should be right there so that he can locate a product or any information without much hassle. This looks easy, but not that much easy to implement.

Following are the top 3 aspects while making a search box and locating it appropriately on a website.

  1. Location: While mostly you will find a search box on the top of a website, top right is where most users look to find a search box as most of the websites offer a search box there.
  2. For Content-heavy Portals: If your website is all about content, new or any type of information, you need to display the search bar prominently as this is what most of your visitors will be using.
  3. Size of the Input Box: Now this is where you need expert advice, and a company expert in offering web design in Dubai can be your savior. The size of the input box can make a visitor use it easily or with some difficulty, while it mostly depends upon the type of information he is looking for. Usually, a 27-character input field is used by many websites which offer a visitor to type in a short question, if he wants to, or search two there searches simultaneously.

Content Strategy

This is another way to make things work for you in the form of applying a content strategy and how to display the products nicely. First of all, great content is required for attracting your target audience. There are many things that you need to take care of here with understanding the goal of specific pages for bets results.

Following are some key aspects in which you can make things work for you related to apt content.

  1. Excess Information is also not. Good: Now, this is where most businesses look confused. While most of you would think a company needs to provide as much information as possible on every page, you can’t overwhelm your visitors. The information overload will have a negative impact as a visitor will not be able to decide exactly what to read or what to exclude and then decide what to buy or not.
  2. Avoid Jargon: If you want your website to reach out to a maximum number of visitors, try to exclude jargon and technical information as much as possible. Even if you are providing a specific product or service like iron sheets, you need to be as general in your approach as possible so that every visitor on your website can understand exactly what you are marketing or selling.
  3. Curtail Down Long Sections: While you need to offer maximum information to your visitors, don’t make it a long story or a never-ending essay that will bore the visitor. Here you need to use pictures or short videos to show exactly what you really want your visitors, or more specifically, your potential customers to know.

Prominently Displaying the Product

While this topic is a really detailed one and warrants a separate blog or article, I’ll try to explain it here briefly. Displaying pictures, videos, etc., as discussed in the last section, too, need to be taken care of perfectly. For a featured or your flagship product, it must be displayed right on the home page in addition to the related page too.

Don’t try to go hard at what you think is a great product. The visitors have little or no idea about your product, and you need to educate them, not bombard them with lots of information which may turn off a visitor right at the onset. So, think hard before making a move here for best results.

Over to you

If you think that you need some more information concerning an aspect discussed here or you can add something valuable to this post, you are welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern, and you can also ask a question which is bothering you.

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