5 Major Difference Between Managed And Shared WordPress Hosting

5 Major Difference Between Managed And Shared WordPress Hosting

There are different types of hosting options that you can choose for your website. But most famous amongst all of them are shared hosting and the managed hosting. Both types of hosting are somewhat similar in so many things but you have to choose the one for your business website. Here in this article we are discussing about difference between managed and shared webhosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

This wordpress hosting Pakistan is actually built on the cloud platform that is specially toned in a way that it help your website to perform well. People who own WordPress website should prefer to get the Managed WordPress web hosting. The best thing about this hosting is that it requires easy installation and management. Moreover, you will get fully customized dashboards with amazing features required to manage the website. Here we are discussing about some unique features of managed hosting:

  1. It requires less than 30 seconds to set up and installation.
  2. Consist of the cloud based platform means that server failures didn’t affect the website and its resources will never be shared.
  3. Consist of simple and easy dashboard that enable you to install, maintain and configure WordPress websites
  4. The best thing about managed server is that its server-side configurations will be managed by Name cheap that will eliminate the need of choosing manual file uploads, PHP version and other types of configure limits.
  5. It consist of 3 levels of innovative caching to ensure the fast speed fast delivery without any type of caching plugins.

Shared Hosting:

Another option that you have is to get the shared website hosting for your business site. It helps you to increase website’s speed or boost the overall performance by offering user friendly and cost affective shared web hosting packages.

With shared web hosting you can get cPanel that’s designed to manage your shared web hosting service directly on the server. Moreover, you can create email accounts, and your daily stats from your C-panel account. Here we are discussing about some unique features of shared web hosting:

  1. Shared web hosting consist of a modern network infrastructure and fast SSD storage server hardware.
  2. Enable you to install versions of WordPress, subdomains, and offers multi-site WordPress installations.
  3. You can also choose a different PHP version, manage emails, as companies and set various jobs.
  4. The best feature of shared web hosting is that it enables users to have a quick WordPress installation by using Softaculous App Installer
  5. Moreover, you can easily install other CMS platforms that include Joomla and Drupal and host customized PHP and HTML websites

So yes, both types of web hosting platforms provide different and unique services which you can consider according to the type of website you have for your online business. Moreover, keep in mind that type of hosting platform you choose for your site also depend upon, the services that you are offering to your customers. So you should be very careful about the type of hosting you choose for your site to get the perfect performance.

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