Athletic Apparel Design Software Helps in Capitalizing Post-Lockdown Trends

Athletic Apparel Design Software Helps in Capitalizing Post-Lockdown Trends

Sportswear isn’t what it used to be. Buyers, especially the younger population, prioritize their health and fitness over everything else, and they want classy products. Therefore, the biggest for the sportswear brands is how to create more engaging apparel content, and that’s when the sports apparel design software comes in the picture. The tool is built-in with advanced technologies that will allow brands to offer customization solutions so that customers feel out of option.

Athletic Apparel Design Software Helps Exploring More Avenues

These days the most significant challenge apparel companies face is making products more fashionable and trendier.  And in the fashion market, nothing stays forever, and as a result, no cloth is timeless at all. The consumers dictate trends and cycles; therefore, it keeps getting shorter. Besides, high-end fashion brands have shifted their focus over the years to include items like sneakers and hoodies, which would not have been called luxurious a few years ago. More often, today, it’s the brand that attracts customers, which means luxury brands can sell non-luxurious products with less harm to their cachet.

Let’s explore more avenues to understand why offering customized sportswear is essential:

1. Social Media Platforms Thriving 

Social media “moments” are driving the brands’ popularity at resale. And you will be surprised to know that by using this platform, athletic apparel companies saw a 10 percent spike in the first three months of 2020. Meanwhile, cult items like the oversized sneaker from high-end brands are trendy in-demand models.

2. Preferred Over Formalwear

After months of customers favoring products like pajamas and athleisure, recovery for the apparel sector depends on consumers’ willingness to buy a wider variety of clothing. Seasonal shift and the relaxing of many stay-at-home orders are ushering such a change, a hopeful sign for the apparel industry. Yet some categories, like tailored clothing, are slow to bounce back. The fastest-growing products are still comfortable to wear like long day dresses, sales for which have more than doubled since last month, and shorts, sales of which have increased by 250 percent year-on-year over April and May.

The custom athleisure will help you make the most current trends with its casual and hyper-personal categories that your buyers couldn’t resist.

3. Epitome of Comfort 

When staff members want to make sure their players give the best in the game, this can only be done when their uniform fits the body well without causing any intrusions. With custom-designed sportswear, teams will have the best available model tailored from the best materials and new technologies that you choose. One great example of this is the focus of many sportswear companies on shoe design to fit a specific player’s feet perfectly. They are protected from any injuries during the game and training.

4. Rising Concern of Fitness

This pandemic has shown to people how important it is to boost the immune system, and therefore offering customized athletic wear will only help your business to gain more attention. Additionally, seasonality dominates many ready-to-wear brands that build their buzz through collections. With customization, it has turned to less trend-driven inventory and is offering more popular styles like denim and jersey.

Closing Comments:

In a nutshell, the importance of custom-designed sportswear cannot be stressed enough if you want to be competitive in the apparel industry. Sportswear provides a certain level of the class above your competitors, but you also create a connection with your customers. The sports apparel design software by iDesigniBuy will enable you to establish yourself in the ecommerce zone and emerge as a company with consistent success in hand.

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