Website Design India: Discussing Pros and Cons of Single Page Websites

Website Design India: Discussing Pros and Cons of Single Page Websites

Here we are discussing several advantages and disadvantages of single page website so that you can have a sensible decision when you develop your website:


  1. Mobile friendly:

Our primary goal is to satisfy all users. The good experience and aesthetic feel that a single page website provides are what prompts users to reside on a single page business website.

In actual fact, when you need to click through pages, the procedure becomes much annoying. On the other hand when you are going from top to bottom, it is similar to an unending journey which you are going through.

  1. What do developers like?

If I consider the designer’s perspective, I would, definitely prefer single page business websites as it gives them the freedom to use all of the skills and apply it to one page instead of dividing it across a number of pages.

When talking about designing multiple pages, we do not desire to take a risk. Therefore, we go after a standard design structure.

  1. Need not be rich in text:

When talking about scarcity of content, parallax websites are awesome. You are not needed to create 10-15 web pages that enclose less than 4 sentences each. Description of one page is sufficient for each product. This contributes to improving the readability of the content permitting users to scroll down the topics that actually matter to them.

  1. What about images?

When you are thinking to design a single page website, you have the liberty to incorporate any number of pictures as you wish.

You are generally asked not to take in a lot of images as this can spoil the appearance of your website and also it might boost the page loading speed.

  1. Avoiding all myths of scrolling over the fold:

In the elder time we were told to limit our design since people do not like to read what is written under the fold. Do you still trust on these myths? Obviously no, people really like to read what lies under the fold. Hence, why not provide something for them to enjoy and read below the fold?


  1. Loading time is longer:

A website of singe page takes a long loading time. It is due to the size of such pages that they take longer to load in comparison to websites that come with manifold pages.

  1. So much scrolling:

It is not essential that all people would want to scroll through just like others. If it requires a lot of time for scrolling, users will never desire to stay on your business website and just in a blink of the eye, they depart from the site.

  1. Meta Descriptions:

It is not anything that requires an explanation now. Since you have a single page, the title tags and Meta descriptions that you can utilize are limited. Yes, this becomes as a benefit if you are having only one service or product. However, you are in trouble if you are having multiple services or products as you can utilize only limited keywords.

  1. Content sharing is difficult:

As you know, there is only one page with different sections of content. This makes it difficult for people to share content from each section differently.

They have to share the same URL for any section of content on your website.

Again, it is not something people like to do.

  1. (SEO) Search Engine Optimization:

Though the Google likes web pages which have frequent visitors, when talking about the SEO part, you have much restricted choice of keywords. You can utilize these keywords for just one web page as in the matter of Meta tag description. You cannot optimize multiple pages for different number of keywords.

  1. Is it good for blogs?

I will not at all suggest a single page website if your website want to run on a blog. It is not a perfect choice for businesses which churn their revenue from blogs.

These are a few of the basic pros and cons which you necessitate to consider when taking decision on a single page or multiple page business website design India.

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