Brand New Web Designing Trends

Brand New Web Designing Trends

Have you thought to change the design of your website according to the latest trends? Every year the trends of technology, arts, techniques are advancing with the time. You can’t survive in the market if you are doing the business in 2019 but your website is of previous versions. Your website is the online way to represent your business 24*7 whether you are offline or online.

Due to the rapid change in the industry, web designers are facing challenges to meet the required needs according to the demand. The designers are crossing all the hurdles to make the website more user-friendly, innovative and more responsive so that it can be accessible to all the devices.

Here are the brand new web designing trends:

Responsiveness is the topmost priority

Now it’s time to use smartphones more rather than the computer systems. People have easy access to the internet on their cell phones and over 65% search engine queries are from smartphones rather than systems.

A few years back, Google introduced an algorithm for the mobile-friendliness to act as a criterion for the rankings in the search engine result pages. Google now prefers to crawl the more mobile-friendly websites. In recent studies, it is found the mobile-friendliness increases the traffic and business as well as much more than through the computer system. So, is the responsiveness of a website is important.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are getting more attention and becoming a trend in this year. It will not be a surprise if you are seeing more websites with video backgrounds. A video is more attractive and the best way to define and represent the business and services. Videos tend to hold more customers as it reduces the bounce rate. As a customer comes to the website and it watches the services described within the video and as long as the customer stays on the website, there are more chances to get a conversion. The website design company Auckland provides the unique designs for your business to be represented.

Loading Time

The speed of a website is much more important than any other thing. It is as important as the website design is but both needs to be proportionate. As the website takes the longest time to load, there are much more chances to increase the bonus rate and dis-satisfaction of the customer. The best way is to optimize the images accurately and also optimize it for mobile devices. The website speed is the main factor of the ranking after the update of Google in 2018.

Single Page Website

To make a website priority for the search engine, the website should be of a single page in order to maintain its speed. But yes, it’s difficult for the search engine optimizers to handle a single page for various keywords. The usage of javascript, HTML code, videos, and HD images make the website heavier and if you aren’t using them the user will have a hassle-free experience.

Font Size and Bold

The font size is very much important to read a content hassle-free. If the website contains the strong text i.e the bold keywords, then it will be very beneficial for the users as and for the crawlers as well. The font family and size with the bold keyword gives an attractive look to a website. Setting the header of the main text is one of the important factors of SEO. The bold text and font size is an art used by the designer to give an attractive look to the business.

Asymmetry and Layouts

The traditional way of the designing was the symmetry but as the time changes and with the advancement, there is a need to change this also. We need to give an attractive designer font to the text with an asymmetrical layout that looks very great to the eyes. In 2017, there was the introduction to the innovative way to put the fonts on the website.


The simple way was to attract the customers is to use the videos but they are very heavy which increases the page load time and thus not even the animation but the integrated animation came into existence. This is the simple way for today’s time to get the attention of the customer by telling your website’s story through the animations. Thus to create an interaction with the customer through the website, it is required to gain the trust of the users and thus being a brand itself.

These are the few ways to make your website more attractive for the users and for crawlers as well. So hire an expert to make your website or to update the existing now!

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