Bettering Your Business Website

Bettering Your Business Website

Building a website for your business is absolutely essential in the 21st century, especially if you provide paint estimating services.  Nearly all businesses can be found online, and yours needs to be a part of that number.  

However, there’s more to building a successful business website than just filling in the blanks.  There’s a long list of design elements that make a huge impact on whether or not your website actually engages consumers online.  

It’s important that you take the time to educate yourself on what matters.  Here is a brief look at a few of the key elements you’ll find in every successful business website. 

Make navigation easy for users

Engagement is the name of the game when you’re building a website.  If you can get people to engage with your pages, you have a chance to get through to them.  Simple navigation helps.  

Add a stationary navigation bar to your design.  This site for lifting and safety equipment presents a perfect implementation of the stationary navigation bar.  Take a look, and note how easy it is to find targeted information on the site.  

Adding a stationary navigation bar to your website’s layout will make it easy for users to engage.  This Australian mining generator company set up a perfect example of stationary navigation in action.  Take a look at the simplicity and functionality of their design, and consider how you might best create your own. 

Use the right keywords in the right places

The words you use in the text of your pages matters a lot, but the words you use in your descriptions, your domain, and your metadata also matter.  Use proper keywords in every part of the text of your site, even if it isn’t being seen by web users.  

Your words will be seen by the search engine sorting bots, and you have to make it easy to identify your content.  Dig into the concepts of SEO (search engine optimization) to get a more thorough understanding of the effect of proper keyword usage in your design.  

Add plenty of chances to communicate

Making a connection with users is crucial.  Your website design should provide numerous ways for users to make contact with your business, and each connection should be met with a quick follow-up.  

Adding a contact page is a great starter piece for your site, but there are other ways to encourage communication.  Add an email signup form or an automated chat bot to give users other ways to ask questions or voice their concerns.  

Consider adding a blog to your site

If you want to help boost user engagement on your site, adding a blog is a great place to start.  A well-crafted collection of blog posts can do a lot to keep users digging through your pages.  

A blog is also a useful tool for added communication.  Add the ability for readers to leave a comment, and start a conversation with your target audience.  

Social media will take you far 

Every great website has social media sharing icons.  Adding these familiar icons will take your site up a notch by granting a wider base of access to web users.  Add sharing icons in strategic spots throughout your site, and watch your traffic rise

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