What is the Difference Between Web Designing and Website Development?

What is the Difference Between Web Designing and Website Development?

In website creation, website designing and website development may sound similar, but they are the two fundamental and different jobs. Website developing is used for building the core structure, whether website designing makes the website more attractive and understandable. Both roles are way different from one another.

What is website designing?

Website designing is a part of website creation which is more visual. The designers make a design in their mind and then portray it on the website which should convey the proper message or information. Web design is the layout of your ideas. You can say web designer is like an architect of your website.

Many times, people don’t pay attention to the layout of their website. You have to understand that your visitor will only take another look on your website if your website looks appealing. If you want a creative and innovative layout for your website, then you should ask a Web Design Company for making it possible. You need a designer who has good experience in that field. But as you know, experience and creativity are two different things. The website layout is similar to the fashion trend, which changes from time to time. Designing is more about creativity! Search for someone who has a good experience along with a creative mind. For designing, the designer has to understand the need for a website. What are the goals and prerequisites of the website? The designer searches about the purpose and targeted customers and then sketch the website. Professionally, website designing team works with website analyst, content creation and the client for a better outcome.

Fundamental roles of a professional web designer:

  • Can use software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch etc. for creating the layout of the website
  • Should have a good experience so he/she can easily understand the requirements and prior goals because sometimes the customer doesn’t have enough knowledge about designing
  • Should have a creative mind for graphic and logo designing
  • Should update the designs which the trend

What is a website developing?

Website developing is used for transforming your designs into a live website. The developers use various web languages and tools for developing the website and making it functional. There are two types of developers.

Back-end developer

Back-end developing is a phase used for designing the core structure. Back-end developers are expert programmers and use languages such as Java, C#, SQL etc. Unlike website designing, you can’t see the end product of back-end developing but it the essential part of website creation. Back-End developing is the heart of your website. You can’t see it, but you surely need it. Back-end developing takes a considerable amount of time as the programmer have to build the code, then have test runs for fixing the bugs.

Front-end developer

Front-end developing is also known as client-side developing. This part involves HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming, and it is more connected to web designing. In short, front-end developers are skilled programmers who also build a framework for user interaction.

There are also full-stack developers, who are expert in every field. Full-stack developers can build a complete website working from scratch.

Website designing and developing are two different aspects, but a better website need innovative and creative designs with expert developing for achieving the expected goal.

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