Free Tarot Websites Vs Professional Ones

Free Tarot Websites Vs Professional Ones

Getting curious about the uncertainties is an innate quality of us being humans. Whether it’s about finding our soul mate, landing on a perfect job, starting a new business, or taking other critical decisions related to daily life. That’s why millions of people all around the world turn to Tarot card reading sites every single day.

What are Tarot Card Reading Websites? Free Sites Vs Professional Sites

A Tarot card reading website is basically a platform from where you can get your Tarot readings done online. There are two types of Tarot reading websites. Free reading and professional ones. Professional tarot reading websites are filled with professional tarot reading experts whom the user can connect live to get the tarot reads done. The free tarot websites are a bit different. These free Tarot reading sites are backed by software that provides you with automated results upon your card selection. What are the other differences between Free tarot websites and professional ones? Which one should you use? Let’s find out.


When it comes to reliability, both of the websites have different roles. The paid tarot reading sites like Psychic Source, Oranum, Keen, etc are trustworthy and accurate. These sites have certified and tested tarot experts. Whereas free tarot sites have a bit similar role. The free tarot sites are an excellent source to learn tarot reading or find unbiased reviews about paid tarot reading sites. For example, on you can get all information about tarot reading and get reliable reviews about Tarot readings sites.


There is a major difference between the functionality of both types of sites. Free sites serve as a vital source of information about Tarot cards. Many people use free tarot reading sites to get tarot-related education. For example, you can use free tarot sites like and to learn tarot reading. Also, some free tarot sites are providing reliable reviews about professional tarot sites and experts. That helps people and choosing the best professional tarot site to spend their money on.


One of the basic differences between free and professional tarot reading sites is the price. Professional sites charge money per minute for Tarot reading whereas free tarot sites are completely free of charge.

Reading Methods:

On the professional tarot reading sites users can get their reads through live video meeting, audio call, chatting with the Tarot expert whereas the tarot reading on the free sites are in the form of automated results which you can receive on the same website and some free tarot sites also send results through emails.

Best Professional Sites For Tarot Reading

  1. Psychic Source Popular and most reliable site for love tarot readings (3+ Free Minutes + as low as 1$ per minute)
  2. Oranum – Best tarot reading site for live video call sessions (3 Free Minutes + 9.99$ credit upon registration)
  3. Keen – One of the most affordable sites for love and relationship Tarot Readings (10 Minutes For Just $1.99!)
  1. PsychicOz – Best tarot reading professional site for Cartomancy and Angel cards readings ( 3 Mins Free & 70% off)
  2. Kasamba – Best professional tarot reading site for love cards. ( 3 Mins Free % 70% off)

Best Free Sites For Tarot Reading

  1. – Free tarot readings and reliable tarot site reviews.
  2. Eva Tarot – Free site where users get an automated tarot reading. If any user wants to get a real reading, then they need to pay.
  3. – Free Tarot Readings, Horoscopes, and much more.
  4. – Tarot learning portal.
  5. – Free Tarot reading by decans.
  6. – Best free website for tarot learning

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