How Long Does It Take To Design A Website?

How Long Does It Take To Design A Website?

What time required to design a website? This is one of the common questions asked by clients from web designers as the timeline is the most important factors taken in the success of the project. Yes, the timeline is very crucial for any project but don’t rush it, as it may affect the quality of your website which can directly or indirectly affect the result you are expecting from your website.

Before Talking About Overall Timeline, You Need To Understand Three Major Milestones to Complete A Project, These Are –

  • How soon the project can be start?
  • After how many days the website will be ready to review?
  • And, when can the website launch?

The answer is- it depends where you are giving website designing order. If you are hiring a freelancer, then starting your project may delay as usually freelancers work single handle and generally are blocked with previous projects. But if you hire a Website Designing Company In Faridabad, your projects start the same day you finalize the order and process the advance, as these companies have their in-house teams which can handle multiple projects at a time.

It generally takes 3-4 working days to compile your information into a design layout for homepage, and you can review homepage, meanwhile the designer designs other internal web pages. When you hire best Web Design Company In Faridabad, they intake your suggestions and modify the homepage accordingly these companies give importance to customer delight.

The launch of the website majorly depends upon the client, as it involves content sharing for website, it it’s a product based website client need to share their product images as well so it can be used in the website. It also includes time for website reviewing and making corrections as per client request.

Also, the timeline of a project depends upon the type of website you are getting designed. For an informative and static website, it can be completed and launched within a week or 10 days. But for a dynamic website where the Web Development Company In Faridabad develops an admin panel for client end so that client can manage content and images of the website on their own without playing with codes. These types of website take 20-22 working days to complete it and when it comes to custom elements in your website; it may take more time depending upon your requirement.

Other than this, when you are getting your ecommerce website developed by Website Development Company In Faridabad, it need more time to develop ecommerce features which includes cart function, wishlist, login for user, product and category manager, price & stock manager, shipping manager and many such features which is essential part of an ecommerce website.

Summarizing it, a website designing and development time vary as per your requirement ranging from a week time to a few months and sometime may extend to a year or two when it comes to huge custom projects and accordingly the price of the website also varies as technical manpower and time is the major costing involved in these projects. So bigger & customized the project is, more is the time required resulting in higher cost of the project.

To generalize the overall process, we can sum-up with 5 phase of website designing process, which all leading Web Designing Company In Faridabad< follows. These are –

  1. Discovery phase: where the designer takes time to understand clients’ requirements and tastes. Usually, this stage starts before project finalization as the costing of the project has to be done as per project requirement.
  2. Design Phase: In this phase all pages designing is done, followed by review by the client and changes accordingly.
  3. Development Phase: In this phase, the development of the admin panel is done so the website can be easily managed by the client-side and user login. In the case of a static website, this phase is done for the working of forms and other call-to-actions.
  4. Content Addition Phase: Once the overall system Is ready, now it’s time to add content for each service/product and other pages.
  5. Launch Phase: Now when all the four phases are done, we can launch the website.

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