Reasons to Switch from WooCommerce Dokan to Another Alternative for Best eCommerce Shopping Cart
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Reasons to Switch from WooCommerce Dokan to Another Alternative for Best eCommerce Shopping Cart

Reasons to Switch from WooCommerce Dokan to Another Alternative for Best eCommerce Shopping Cart

Building an eCommerce application is a critical and tedious task when using a platform like WooCommerce Dokan to get the jobs done. WooCommmerce Dokan is an extension of the online store development plugin of WordPress named WooCommerce. Dokan is capable of offering multivendor marketplace capability which is not withheld by WooCommerce and it is a known fact that many of the features been offered by Dokan are at extensively higher prices.

Also, since it is a third-party extension there could be many integration, upgradation and custom development challenges that could have been store owner. This software was initially in older days was created to create websites instead of web stores. Hence, that implies, many of the essential functionalities have been left out to date which could have been developed if the purpose of the development of such a tool could be different. Possibly, there is a lower security level as each plugin or custom addon to the code could lead to data breaches and a huge threat to customer’s personal data security. Moreover, talking about the performance of this platform demonstrates a very high level of service been delivered as the bounce rate increases and the website made using such a platform isn’t much robust to handle tremendous audience traffic. 

A website that has been created using Dokan isn’t SEO friendly and posses lower ranking on google search and poor Amazon Alexa rank. The vendor Payout system is available in the professional and above subscription packages. No provision for the comment and Reviews to the seller and their bought products in the version below ‘professional’. You absolutely cannot go international with the web store been created using dokan as it supports translation to only 4 languages. Multi-level administrative access could only be defined based on the chosen role and not through other parameters. There is no built-in template editor hence making the store owner dependent on the core development team to get things done for them. Hence, a store owner has to loose out their pocket spending a lot to get things done according to them at that too at a much slower pace.

Additionally, a store owner could also not edit content over their eCommerce shopping cart using Dokan. Call requests from customers and multiple product page templates are not available when using such a platform.

So, the question arises which is the best eCommerce development platform that could turn out to be your first choice out of all the considerations. Sellacious, the ultimate eCommerce shopping cart development tool is available for more than 5000 eCommerce features available for free in the start pack itself enabling you to start with a full potential eCommerce store and earn profits with an easy schedule or on request payout to vendors in the multivendor marketplace.

With Sellacious, you can and your registered vendors in the multivendor niche are capable to let the customer translates in their native language. Moreover, you can enable the customer to buy a product with more than 65 payment methods available. You as a store owner could create b2b, b2c, or c2c; niche or multi-vendor marketplace with complete access to the source code and the ability to change the frontend with drag and drop based template editor. Category based variants can also be created, shipping rules not only based on the volume and dimension of the parcel but also based on the shipping and billing address, customer category, product/variant category could be created.

Tax and discount rules based on the address and the quantity and much more parameters can be defined. Additionally, to gather new traffic and retain the existing customers both a store owner and the vendors in a multivendor marketplace could create their own coupons. Coupons for a discount on shopping or some offer to apply can be sent to the customer after shopping or to get their attention for any upcoming event. You can enable the features with switches against every feature and see what impact they possess on the complete marketplace through the preview mode before actually taking those changes to live. All the website and online stores been created are completed SEO friendly and in fact, each product could have been published with SEO optimized hashtags and meta description. The customer support team is readily available 24×7 to cater to all of your custom development requirements. Also, the team will dedicatedly help you configure your store in case of any discrepancies. Choose the Best. Check Wisely and go for Sellacious!

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