Shopify Benefits For Start-up Ecommerce Sites

Shopify Benefits For Start-up Ecommerce Sites

There was no other better time for ecommerce start-ups than now. Year on year ecommerce volume sales is growing by more than 18 percent worldwide. The digital retail market has been attracting a lot of new players on a daily basis and we find a lot of new start-ups jumping in to make hay when the sun shines for them. Those who look forward to venture into the ecommerce arena are finding the Shopify platform the most effective option with its robust and versatile capabilities and superior performance. Here are the top benefits of Shopify platform for start-up ecommerce sites.

Shopify is highly affordable

Start-ups cannot afford to invest a lot on setting up their online store. Hence the platform that helps them keep the costs as low as possible will prove them highly helpful. When compared with the other ecommerce platforms, your money can go farther with Shopify. Even at a relatively marginal monthly spending you will have everything with you to operate a fast loading and powerful ecommerce website.

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The online store developed on Shopify is highly attractive

When compared with other ecommerce platforms, the online stores developed on Shopify are visually appealing. Since the performance and success of your store will highly depend on the looks of your site, you will be able to develop a strong brand image even as you are just starting up. Also, it is very easy to further improve upon the look and feel of your ecommerce site. You can also build unique storefronts. You can completely customize your ecommerce store on this platform.

Shopify has all the necessary marketing tools

Shopify platform was built with profound tools for marketing. The store owners can quickly spread the word about their products and services through multiple channels while keeping the marketing costs as low as possible. The basic Shopify package comes with SEO features and sophisticated ecommerce analytics to let you understand how your customers find you online. Based on these findings you can give shape to your marketing activities. Besides the lot of integrated SEO tools, Shopify also offers some very effective marketing tools like discount codes, social network integration possibilities, email marketing tools, coupon engine, store statistics, custom gift cards and others. You can also find some very useful additional features on the most popular Shopify App store like custom pop-up windows and capture emails.

The platform takes care of webhosting

If you wish to host your own shopping cart, you will need some kind of technical expertise and enough spare time. These are something that the start-up owners hardly have. Often the ecommerce owners find web hosting a burden. When you work on Shopify, your site’s servers are maintained by Shopify and it also pays for hosting. The platform also administers the software and handles the payment gateways letting you just sit back and focus on the rest of the tasks.

Find an accomplished Shopify Developer and give momentum to your ecommerce venture. When you invest on the potentials of Shopify, you are bound to win the game in an overwhelming way.

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