The Importance of Quality BigCommerce Web Design

The Importance of Quality BigCommerce Web Design

If there are two facts that are undisputable in the world of eCommerce, it’s that competition is fierce and customers have no time to waste. Buyers shopping online are primed to expect quick to access and easy to browse stores. With competition as tight as it is in eCommerce, a customer that is unimpressed with your shop may quickly move on to another store, never to look back. This is a terrible loss for any company. At the core of eCommerce is the web, and, in order to succeed in eCommerce, you must have good web design. In this article, we will further explore the value of a careful design philosophy, with a focus on the value of quality Bigcommerce Web Design.

The first core aspect of design is functionality. How you plan a site and how you ultimately lay it out for customers to explore greatly affects its use. If a site is not optimized, it my run slowly and bog down customers’ browsers, leaving them having a less than ideal experience. Likewise, a site that is overburdened with menus, buttons, lists, and links could become confusing, making a customer simply too overwhelmed to really enjoy their shopping experience. Worse yet, a site that is unintuitive could lead to customers being unable to find the information they need, like contact info, company information, or even certain product listings.

Ensuring your BigCommerce web design strategy succeeds requires putting yourself in your customers shoes and truly understanding what it is that makes sites memorable on a functional level. Have you ever shopped a site that just felt good to browse? Re-visit that site and take notes. Dig in to what it is that makes those sites great, and see how you can apply similar ideas to your store.

The next core aspect of BigCommerce web design is the aesthetics of your storefront. Your store is the headquarters of your brand; therefore, your website needs to visually communicate your brand. If your brand focuses on elegance, design a site that lets customers feel that elegance. Carefully designed, smooth animations and artistic buttons or links will help to bring facets of your brand to life online.

It is important to be efficient with how you incorporate your brand online; too many flourishes and you may end up sacrificing functionality, too few and you may risk being forgettable or cookie-cutter. The balance of functionality and appearance is important to weigh, and sometimes there are small, easy to implement details (like uniquely designed bullet points on your lists or a custom font for your product descriptions) that will let you show off who you are as a company without damaging the experience.

The balance in design is especially important when considering mobile shoppers who now account for approximately 60% of all shoppers in eCommerce stores. Mobile devices have advanced greatly in performance over the last few years, but they are still limited in comparison to the computers you’ll likely be designing the site on. What might look good on a large, 4k monitor may not look good on an iPhone 8 screen. Likewise, a site that runs well on PC might not run as well on a year-old Windows tablet. Keeping design balance in mind and building a plan in advance is incredibly valuable to the success of your store.

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