Tools you will need in order to craft an Affordable logo design

Tools you will need in order to craft an Affordable logo design

Are you planning to make an affordable logo design? If yes, then there are plenty of tools available today, which you will need before you can get started. Fortunately, almost every home has the tools already available. This means you can start your Graphic design career right away without needing to spend a penny. Here’s a rundown of the tools that are commonly used by designers.

Pencils & Paper


There is no doubt in the fact that this is one of the most important and main tools a logo designer will require for making a logo. For my personal experience, I suggest you use a mechanical pencil, meaning you can continue to sketch or think without the need to continually sharpen the tip. As an additional optional item, I would also recommend separate colored pencils, such as red or blue. These pencils can be useful in highlighting the best ideas for your sketchbook before you start digitizing them. 


Even though the final Graphic design will be developed on a computer, the paper is where everything happens. A paper can be the best place to brainstorm and think of all the possibilities ideas before finalizing the design on a computer. A lot of logo designers may feel to start designing a logo directly on a computer, but in reality, there are making a huge mistake. Complete freedom and spend that you get from sketching make it a perfect way to develop ideas. There’s been plenty of times when I have personally scrawled down a plan just for a happy accident to happen, which has converted into a stronger idea that I would never have thought of. 

For the basics, all you need is a blank sheet of paper. However, I suggest having a couple of different sketchbooks just in case if you need to be a pro in Graphic designing. A larger sketchpad like A3 size can be perfect for desktop use. This can be useful for the times when you want to focus in-depth or when you are brainstorming ideas. Hence, it is useful to be able to see all these ideas on a single paper, instead of flipping a couple of papers back and forth.

A Computer

The exact type of computer you will get depends on your budget and preferences. Though, the software that is used doesn’t need a too heavy processor. Hence, a regular or average computer will do the job. I personally use 24-inch desktop iMac, which is set up in my office cum living room. For me, working on a larger screen is the best place to make a Custom logo. It allows me to zoom in and out to create a perfect artwork. For times when I’m out, and there’s an urgent need for logo designing, I always carry a 15-inch MacBook pro. This means I can work while I’m at a cafe or went for a walk with my dog. 

Vector graphic software for logo design

After having a computer, the next thing you will need is the right professional software. For Custom logo, you will need a vector graphic editor. On the contrary to raster images that are made up of pixels. Vector graphics are based on paths, points, curves, lines, and shapes with the help of mathematical equations. This means they can be scaled indefinitely without losing quality. Today, most of the Graphic designers use Adobe Illustrator for vector graphic design needs. However, you can also look for alternative options available, including the free ones. 

These were some of the tools which a designers will need for making a Custom logo. If you are looking for the logo design company in the market, then ProDesigns is the best place to choose from. They have a team of experienced and talented Graphic designers who are experts in converting all your needs into reality. For any business organizations, logo design acts as a face to the company.

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