Top 10 Web Design Trends Collections to be followed in 2019

Top 10 Web Design Trends Collections to be followed in 2019

There is a diverse range of industry professionals, who showcase their experiences and speak about the new web design trends of 2018. If you are a customary user of the Internet, you may notice the horizon of designs changing day by day with innovations and the inclinations changing constantly. The changes happening on web design today are not as quick as they were in the past, but they are advanced and worth to pay attention. Even if you are not a web designer or a website builder, you still may wake up one day and realize that your website is outdated as you look into the new trends that are coming up in the marketplaces right in the year 2018 and will continue in 2019.

In the digital medium, web designers are developing websites and applications with an increase in the technical challenges, and however, still, they have to maintain and have a user-friendly interface. The applications which are clear, consistent and innovative have better corporate styles and are more adaptable to multiple devices can better keep up to the industry standards. The end of the year is not so far away; this means that it’s time to look ahead for the newer trends that are ready to show up and stand out in the market. Out of these, some might be successful and some may not. Out of all those trends, here are a few to explore:

1.Top CSS Gallery

Top CSS Gallery is an exclusively designed global platform for showcasing and awarding the best sites with best CSS web design. The platform is backing, endorsing, supporting and encouraging work of industry’s top web designers, website developers, experienced freelancers and digital marketing companies. The company is popularizing the optimum websites by boosting their competency and work consistency. They award the most outstanding ones out of them. You can explore the CSS design examples in the Top CSS Gallery website.

The prominent CSS awards are presented for brilliant creativity and technical aptitude for CSS web design. Frontrunners are being significantly rewarded and acknowledged for ground-breaking web design trends by means of industry leaders and the daily visitors of this web portal. There are several CSS galleries and design features to be evaluated to meet the assortment of selection criteria. The chosen website gallery submissions that have better scores are being nominated for the picky title like ‘Site of the Day (SOTD)’. SOTD website is particularly placed and being showcased on this portal’s home page.

The recognization details are even promoted and publicized on social media platforms including professional networks to make the belongings well-accepted amongst the concerned industries. The awarded websites with best CSS site and top CSS design examples can have an enhanced web designer portfolio through Top CSS Gallery Promotions and can even turn as an online web design inspiration for many in the similar field.


This trend is equivalent to DevOps, but it is geared towards the world of designs for gaining an improvement in collaborations, automation, and feasibility. DesignOps takes the help of paradigms that have been present in the development industry for many years. A new version of git-based is being introduced by designs. This version controls solutions for developers, designs files, improves the version of tools to connect designers and speeds up the construction of sites and web applications. Activities like the design and development of integrated tools, developed environments for teamwork’s and collaborations are involved in designs.

3.Asymmetric layout

This trend’s usage must be logical and provide its users a positive experience. For example, humans are habituated to start reading from the left side of the page to the right side. So, even the applications need to develop in such a way. An asymmetric layout can be used for adding focal to points of interest and emphasize motion to the users.

4.Mobile or web convergence

Improvement of tools happens when you bring web applications a mobile closed and more towards the goal of constructing a solution that powers native and web application experience in just one go. React native and React along with a few other frameworks such as no-code and new-code solutions are slowly moving towards this direction.


It is a new style of web design that might become popular this year or in the coming future. This style of Mondrianizm relies on crisp geometric shapes and sharp usage of colors. The outline keeps all the pages look well organized and neat with a hint of flare. The bright colors present, are used to make the page pop up at the shine.


There are many applications that are good to be delivered to fresh customers and in the newer marketplaces. These applications connect to block-chain based distributions and show an impact on the world of development.

Block-chain needs to be better understood by a web design company effectively for enhanced design interactions. For that reason, web designs can be innovated with the support of these sorts of backend applications.

6.Saturated and vibrant color schemes

With the 4k monitor standardization, the designers are free to release designs of full-color potential without any loss of quality.

7.Deep shadows and depth

Website canvas gives 3-dimensional parallax layout feel, with images and content floating on it.

8.Accelerated mobile pages

This trend provides a technology that enables mobile browsers to load content or pages more swiftly than the regular pages. This happens with less usage of data and results in improvement if browsing experience of users and provides letter search rankings. By adopting accelerated mobile pages technology, the third party Javascript and elemental restrictions along with “amp-big” tag implementations will be involved.

9.Mobile first

Designs in today’s world are prepared with more focus to a mobile site rather than the conventional website look and feel. This way of thinking has been rolled-back with stuff like the menus being minimized for small screens. The usage of mobile-optimized images and icons has been therefore increased in the web development space.

Key Takeaways

Every industry faces constant development, updates, and changes. Enhanced development and improved website design will make our sites stand on top of the competition and gain more attention. We must always look for some new web design trend to pick up our presentation standards. Paying attention to our visitors along with their valuable feedbacks is imperative to make the above trends be worth used.

Nishant Desai – Digital Marketing Strategist at Top CSS Gallery. I love to write about the latest trending updates, WordPress, Web Design, SEO and other interesting information. I believe in Learning, Sharing and keep growing together.

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