Top 9 Healthcare Website Design Trends

Top 9 Healthcare Website Design Trends

Our potential patients will expect you to have a quality website design that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Since your website is the first impression of your healthcare marketing agency, it is very important to create an aesthetic and display an image of trust and professionalism. To increase patient volume and quality in 2022, you must invest in quality website design. We’ve compiled a list of the latest healthcare website design trends to help you succeed.

Healthcare Website Design Trends: Minimalism

As a healthcare institution, projecting a clean and tidy image to potential patients is crucial to our transformations. Therefore, there is no doubt that minimalism will be on-trend. Another benefit of minimalism is that it helps a website load faster, which will improve the user experience and increase our engagement rate.

Additionally, minimalism is less distracting, allowing potential patients to focus on your call to action, and is a positive factor in driving conversions.

Healthcare Website Design Trend: Cozy Colors

The color of your website directly affects how potential patients see your brand’s characteristic structure, so it is important to analyze your color choice in a specific way.

For example, the color white evokes security and professionalism. Other colors you can use include lighter shades of blue and green. Using light colors will increase the calming effect of the paint.

Healthcare Website Design Trend: Bold and Clear Typography

Your website is there to help potential clients learn more about your organization, but if your typography is too light or hard to read, it will lead to negative behavior and increase your bounce rate.

Avoid using more than three different fonts as too much variation will confuse the user and damage the website’s aesthetics.

Healthcare Website Design Trend: Add Human Elements

As a healthcare provider, it’s more important than ever to make the website look human.

One of the simplest ways to make your website more human is to include a real photo of a patient or medical professional on the homepage.

Research shows that photos of people’s faces can significantly increase engagement. For example, it is more important to use a real picture of an employee or patient, as original images generate 35% more engagement than stock photos.

Healthcare Website Design Trend: purpose-oriented Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are a great way to engage your potential patients and add an extra level of professionalism to your website.

For example, suppose you have a slow-loading page. In that case, you can create a fun page that keeps visitors engaged and reduces bounce rates: An instance of micro-interaction is animated chat bubbles when a visitor is texting you. Micro-interactions should not go unnoticed or distract users from what they are looking for on your website. Rather, they exist to engage the reader and increase engagement.

Healthcare Website Design Trend: Saying Goodbye to Slides

Users are conditioned to scroll rather than click slides. Many studies show that slides frustrate visitors because they don’t find what they need right away. Instead, the new healthcare website design trend will be giving up drops.

Healthcare Website Design Trend: Personalized Experiences

About 35% of users are more likely to make impromptu purchases when buying personalized content. This is why personalization will be a big web design trend in 2022. A very simple example of customized web design is to add other relevant links on each page to guide the customer on their buyer journey.

Healthcare Website Design Trend: Embedded Videos

About 72% of visitors say they would rather watch a video than reading text to learn about a product or service. Of course, videos are great tools to teach patients about certain services (like an operation), but they can also be used on the homepage to engage visitors instantly.

Healthcare Website Design Trend: Fascinating Surveys

The latest healthcare website design trend is to create engaging surveys. For example, instead of having customers search your website, offer them the information they want directly. In addition, research shows that 96% of people who start a quiz site find quizzes very interesting.

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