Top Web Design Trends in 2018 you always wanted to know about

Top Web Design Trends in 2018 you always wanted to know about

The trend in Web Design is ever changing. Sometimes people love the soft colors, and sometimes they prefer bold. Sometimes they think an animated call to action buttons are best, while according to a trend they think a simple call to action is better. So, let’s see what are the most popular web designing trends in 2018! From simple and close compositions to more open-styled, or broken or cut compositions which is the recent trend.

Open Composition:

Loosely suspended elements that are fleeing somewhere off the screen is gaining popularity. The distribution of the elements is such that it will give you an impression that they exist beyond the edge of the monitor.


Layouts that are not balanced, they will be little-curved designs that contain elements without a mirror image. Asymmetrical designs are not balanced with perfectly similar halves, and on the right and left halves. Examples of asymmetrical designs are large image combined with a block of text. Another design contains the key navigation, paired with a much larger column for the site contents.

Content is still the king:

Relevant and rich content is the way to success. Your web design and content should reflect the value of your brand. But, as people are seeking for actual information be compact, and real. Highlight the aims and values of your company through images and content. Infographics, landing pages, blogs, and articles are valuable pieces of information for your target audience.

Richer background and patterns:

The recent web design trend tells web designers to use more attractive patterns and backgrounds. Patterns include small dashes, stripes, or dots. Backgrounds can include images of your products, models, rich locations and many more. The more eyes appealing your site is, the more you can draw in traffic.

Large Typography:

Use bold, large and decorative typefaces that appeal to your eyes. Big and bold typefaces have been the trend of the year.  Not only the bigger fonts are eye-catching, but also they use the white space on the website. Custom, handwritten, watercolor, geometric typefaces are also dominating the web designing platform. Several web designers are also combining different typefaces to give a website an out-of-the-box look.

Persuasive Videos:

Use real people to create authenticity. Videos bring the sounds, sights, and action together. Explain your product details how to use it, the advantages of using your products through a video. By using a variety of tactics in a short video like the customer testimonials, product demos you can overcome various objections. Recently maximum websites contain videos on their home pages and also in their landing or inside pages.

Call to Action Buttons:

The call to action buttons must be the hero of any web page. Design your site with simplicity in mind. Larger images and do the talking through brief content and call to action clearly visible. The call to action can be “contact us for more information, or call us now, or learn more” buttons interlinked with a particular product, estimate, phone numbers chat functions and others.

Smooth Scrolling Navigation:

In 2018 scrolling has become popular as people are more interested in reading a compelling story, overcoming objections, testimonials and enticing a conversion in a single page. So, make your website more meaningful by taking your customers on a well-planned journey, guiding them about your business and services. A successful web designed website never lets its customers or visitors wander on their own.

Beautifully designed landing pages:

You can bring in more and more conversions through a beautifully designed landing page. Fill the page with proper information, appropriate images, and a call-to-action button. Carefully craft each landing page to reach a specific audience with an offer they cannot easily resist. If you are doing this, then it is magic!

It is recommended to choose such a brand that offers unique design themes, user-friendly elements and easy editing assess for your web designing or rebranding. That’s all the keystrokes we have for today. Be with us, to know more about Web Design, Web Development and the SEO trends for the year.

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