Which UI/UX Trends are Likely to Dominate the Market in 2021?

Which UI/UX Trends are Likely to Dominate the Market in 2021?

With the growing and changing technology, many changes have come in the eCommerce industry throughout the years. Every year, users become more demanding of the emerging UI/UX trends for website and app development.

It is essential to keep track of changing trends to stay competitive in the market. Keeping track of changing trends is always important to meet user expectations; otherwise, the users will go to your customers.

UI/UX design is responsible for providing a great user experience. It’s important to look ahead, remain updated with the trends, predict what new designs will enter the market, and follow those trends to keep the industry moving.

As we are in December already, it’s time we focus on the UI/UX trends that will dominate the industry in 2021. It’s high time to check the most inspiring UI/UX design of the upcoming year.

Now, let’s check out these UI/UX trends that you should check out

  • Dark mode

One of the most valuable trends of the past few years is dark mode. Many big brands like Instagram, Apple, and Android have implemented dark modes in their interfaces for a long time.

Most of the users appreciate this trend, and therefore, more apps and brands have added dark themes in their services and applications. This trend is still one of the best UI/UX trends and will continue to exist in 2021 as well.

The dark mode has become popular due to several reasons, such as-

  • It allows you to highlight individual design elements
  • It saves battery power of the devices
  • Reduces the strain on the user’s eyes.

Furthermore, the dark mode gives an entirely new and attractive look to the websites and apps. A change from the light theme to the dark one seems beautiful and pleasing to the users’ eyes.

  • 3D elements

3D element has been there in the UI/UX design for a year now. However, the 3D elements’ problem is their large size, which increases the page’s loading speed.

Modern frameworks can reduce page load time. The 3D trend is quite popular among the users because it allows the users to interact with a site or application.

Apart from that, the 3D trend will also enable you to stand out from competitors and help you build your brand identity.

3D graphics are both static and dynamic. Last year, geometric compositions were the most popular, whereas this year, cartoons have taken over. To remain on top, combine all these trends in one, and you will rock

  • Animation

Like 3D elements, animation negatively impacts the loading speed of the website or app. Many designers avoid using animation in their projects.

Still, some many plugins and tools allow you to create interactive animations without slowing down the page’s loading speed.

In 2021, it is better to use small animated elements to reward the users and leave the large animations to draw the users’ attention to a call to action.

  • A mix of photos and graphics

A mix of photos and graphics is another popular trend in web design. Overlaying graphics on the top of photos will be an amazing UI/UX tool for 2021.

This Ui UX trend is convenient because it suits all brands and is easy to use. There are various apps like Glitche and bazaar for iPhone users that transform images by adding or removing any elements.

Combining photos and graphics will work amazingly as a new UI UX trend and better reflect your personality on the site.

  • Air gesture

Air gesture control is one of the importance of mobile app UX design to improve users’ user experience.

Since the introduction of touch screens, a lot of transformation has been done, resulting from the boosting touch display facet ratios of the mobile user interfaces.

Raised element ratios suggest better user experience and indicate better motion experience. Thus, air gesture is one of the hot UI/UX trends that the developers should keep an eye on.

  • Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the classic design trends that work well for websites and applications. When it comes to UI/UX design, minimalism is significant as the design has to interact with many users.

The website design must be organized in a way that facilitates smooth interaction with the audience. A complicated website design will frustrate users.

They might not understand and leave the site; therefore, minimalism is the key to an uncomplicated website design that is easily understandable straightforward.

In website designing, less is always more, and that’s why minimalism is considered one of the most valuable UI/UX trends.

  • User-interface animations

User interface animation is yet another trend that is increasingly used by UI/UX designers as brands want to communicate with the audience.

The animation is an effective way to make people aware of your brand and its products and services. Having user interface animations will significantly impact the user experience, and it will also encourage them to revisit your store.

  • Voice search

Voice search is a UI/UX trend that has been there for a long time. Millions of virtual voice assistants such as Siri, Google, Alexa, and Cortana are working quite well to use voice-over text. With the help of voice search, developers can leverage an engaged audience with fewer efforts.

The users can now use voice search instead of typing to search the products they are looking for. The popularity of voice search is rising every day, and more and more UI/UX developers are implementing this trend in the websites.

Thus we can say, voice search and assistants are the future of UI UX design.

These were some of the popular Ui/UX design trends that will dominate the industry in 2021. The future of Ui/UX design lies in some of the most amazing trends that not only help in growing the online business but also improves the user experience.

With advancements in technology, more and more designers offer unique and creative UI/UX design services using the latest trends.

Technology will bring many other trends in the future of UI UX design, but right now, it’s all about mobile-first. Advancement in mobile technology has transformed the way users interact with sites and applications.

UI UX designs play an essential role in the growth and development of a website.

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