5 Popular Categories of Websites You Can Create in 2019

5 Popular Categories of Websites You Can Create in 2019

In the 21st century, the virtual world is gaining more and more value. The power of the virtual world is the increasing number of people who are getting addicted to social platforms. In the modern society, everyone wants to save their time, the one-click purchasing facility from the comforts of the home increase the interest of the people, this is the main reason behind the growth in the virtual businesses. All virtual businesses depend on the website to communicate with their customers.

There are around 2 billion websites online today. The numbers might seem overwhelming but every website is categorized in a proper manner. The website categories are determined by their design, offers and content. The website that sells any product or services is referred to Ecommerce store similarly there are many categories of websites that sell, publish or give information of a specific product, service or educate users on different events. The top categories suitable for newbies are discussed below.

E-commerce Website- The Modern Way of Doing Business

The e-commerce website is one of the leading categories that allows a person to open a full flash virtual retail store. You can sell products effectively by just spending a bit of money on marketing. To open an e-commerce store, one needs to start from choosing the hosting plans and product niche. In the beginning, you can select shared hosting packages to limit your budget. The dropshipping and click bank allow the users to avail the facilities and trust your company.

The total cost for e-commerce websites ranges from 30 dollars to 300 dollars per month. If you are planning for complex products you can use Weebly, Shopify & magneto website builders and plugin to remove hurdles.

Content Website- The Readers Platform

Content website is one of the most popular categories of the website which is further divided into three subcategories, blogs, news and media sites. If you are great at creating catchy and useful content, then creating a blog is the best way in 2019. You can go with WordPress that offers more than 4 thousand plugins and cheap rates. There are many top-notch hosting providers such as host break which give WordPress hosting with 100 per cent guaranteed uptime.

Knowledge Base Website- Give Knowledge & Earn Money

The knowledge base websites are one of the most in-demand categories of websites. The knowledgebase website helps customers by answering questions related to products or services. There are many tools that can be used to run the website smoothly.

Content Libraries- Create Content to Get Business

The content libraries are just similar to the physical libraries. This category of the website is popular for giving access to the content that isn’t available on the internet. The users need to pay a particular amount to access the content. You can build this website with the help of WordPress and sell media to charge users for downloads.

Business Website- The Easy Way to Grow Your Business

In the modern world, the easy way to grow your business is creating a website. Business websites are one of the largest website categories. If you want to promote your physical business or need to build potential customers, then the best way is to build a business website. You can also start your own virtual business by creating a business website.

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