Which are Some Best Website Builders? Check This Short-n-Sweet Guide Out

Which are Some Best Website Builders? Check This Short-n-Sweet Guide Out

Having a social media presence is out of the argument nowadays. Stories of YouTube millionaires and Facebook/Instagram popular faces are there to support the fact. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are also in the queue of platforms to keep you busy and help you connect your audience or customer.

Social media platforms have definitely become so powerful that they are fueling the advertising efforts of several firms such as website designing companies in USA. With so many good points to flaunt, there comes a declining factor.

Yep, I am talking about the inability to customize your presence on social media. You can undoubtedly change the appearance of certain visual elements of your ‘profile’, but still, you can’t do everything you want with it.

That level of customization only comes with your own business website. But building a website and getting it up and running on the internet is as tough as Achilles Heel. Many drop their shields and weapons as soon as they come to know that programming, designing, content writing, networking, and many more skills are essential to create a business website.

So what about the people with no active knowledge of programming and budget to hire professional? Well, thanks to some automatic website building tools (including the free ones), things will now appear easy to you. In this article, I have enlisted several website building tools which you can avail right away. However, before that, let’s see what you will need upfront.

A Domain Name and Hosting Space

What you see “www” is the domain name of a website (ex: www.google.com). You also need to acquire one, by which your website will be known to your audience or customers. Hosting space refers to the capacity of the online server you purchase to host your website. Both of these are not expensive. A yearly budget of $40 is enough to purchase a basic-level subscription of domain and hosting.

  1. Mobirise Website Builder

You will be able to create your own website once you download and install Mobirise Website Builder. It comes with a good sum of features that enable you to add a good professional touch if you are working on a client’s project.

One good thing about it is that it is a freeware. And there are no restrictions on personal or commercial uses. Some of the features it provides include a number of themes, bootstrap 4 templates, progress bars, data tables, and countdowns.

It offers some pre-built websites with arrangeable blocks to customize the theme according to your likings. All you need to do is either choose from a ready-made theme or adjust, add, and remove the given visual elements to create your own customized web pages.

Now, my from-no-technical background fellas might be thinking how much technical expertise you require in order to put up a whole website. The answer is – zero. Yep, anyone can make a website from Mobirise Website Builder. And everything you build will be 100% responsive to mobile and tablet devices.

  1. Visual Composer Website Builder

If you are accustomed to WPBakery Page Builder and having goosebumps in trying out any other website builders, then Visual Composer Website Builder is your best best. By look and features, it appears like an upgraded version of WPBakery page builder.

Like many our website composers, this tool doesn’t vary much from the drag and drop phenomena. It is available to you in both free and paid versions. The free one includes some restrictions and limited features. It is still great for developing websites for personal purposes. However, if you crave for a fully professional look, the premium version is what you need.

  1. Portfoliobox

I personally prefer Portfoliobox when it comes to building a website with a high degree of creativity. It stands apart from ordinary website builders because of its next-level website development tools that are mainly designed to carve portfolios. Be it for individuals, businesses, or artists, Portfoliobox is the perfect tool to create a portfolio to showcase your work.

Since, the creators of Portfoliobox have done a good job, they undoubtedly secured a way to get financial appreciation out of their work by marking the better part of their tool as premium. There’s a free version too if your portfolio requirements are basic.

Responsiveness is ensured with everything you create with this amazing tools. The design of your webpage will automatically respond (adjust according) to all the popular screen sizes of tablets and smartphones. There’s hardly any replacement for automatic portfolio builders than portfoliobox.

Working in one of the top web designing services in USA for five years, developed a craving in me to consequently search for simple tools to add ease to user’s life. Finding and putting this list here was one of the

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