4 Crucial Digital Trends for Newly Launched SMBs

4 Crucial Digital Trends for Newly Launched SMBs

Paving your way to the entrance of the digital arena is equally important as the skills you show there. Since small and mid-sized business owners often lack money, they have to rely on creativity.

In this day and age, novice entrepreneurs can make good use of digital tools in achieving their marketing business goals. With their help, business owners can take a prominent position in their niche. This where following digital trends comes as a vital part of successful business management.

In this article, you can read more about five effective digital marketing trends for SMB-owners.

Digital Trends

Adopting a multi-channel approach

  • A large portion of business players has turned online, which is why every new rookie business owners should follow suit.
  • Still, this doesn’t mean that you can just launch a website and wait for a miracle to happen.
  • The current trend regarding the business presence in the online environment is adopting a multi-channel approach.
  • This means that you should get engaged across the entire digital spectrum.
  • In other words, you need to launch a well-organized and responsive website, as well as create business pages on all the crucial social networks.

Furthermore, a newly founded business shouldn’t neglect the power of videos, from promotional videos on their website to tutorials on YouTube.

Using as many online channels as possible will expose your business to a larger community. As a result, you’ll have a better opportunity to generate new leads and kick-start your business.

Focusing on social media

  • According to the data available on the Statista website, Instagram went from 200 million users in March 2014 to 1 billion users in June 2018.
    Facebook reached 2.32 billion users in the last quarter of 2018.
  • As of January 2018, LinkedIn had 590 million users worldwide [source].
  • All these figures show that this is the age of social media and their business potential is yet to grow.
  • In line with that, focusing on social media engagement will yield multi-fold benefit for new businesses.

Firstly, you can communicate with your potential clients and customers directly. For instance, when an e-store owner shares a link to their new catalog on Facebook, anybody who sees the post will be able to see those products. It’s almost as if they’re passing by a shop window in reality.

Focusing on social media

Apart from that, you can promote your business via different Facebook groups. What’s more, you can even hire people that way.

Secondly, when you delve into the power of popular Instagram hashtags, you’ll realize that using them in a clever way can generate a large number of followers.

Finally, LinkedIn is the largest network of business professionals and every ambitious businessperson should become its member.

Investing in distinguished content

  • The key thing about content is that it should carry the original message of the business behind it.
  • In other words, new business owners should avoid generic and bleak content at all costs.
  • Moreover, creating and publishing misleading or inaccurate bits of content is something that could give a new business a bad name.
  • First and foremost, always bear in mind who you are making content for. You need to keep in mind the people who will visit your website and other online places where you promote your business.

It’s crucial to grasp their attention by offering your unique value proposition. You will raise their interest if you tell them at once what benefits they’ll get if they use your services.

Investing in distinguished content

One of the most efficient ways to make this work is to use the term such as you, customers, and audience, rather than we and our. The more stress you put on the audience and their benefits, the more likely they are to become your loyal customers.

Apart from that, every new business should launch a blog, as well. This section needs to contain different guides, tips, and in-depth analyses of the current affairs in the niche in question. You can learn more about this initial phase of a business blog in a post published by Forbes.

Producing original visuals

For a newly launched small business, it’s important to retain the authentic feel in each and every digital medium.

Therefore, if you manage to produce original visuals for your website, blog, and social media pages, you’ll soon get ahead of the curve.

For instance, if you take photos and videos of the production process, your customers will develop a certain level of trust in your business.

What’s more, publishing videos in which SMB-managers speak at business events will add to your popularity among other businesses.

Explainer videos are becoming extremely popular, as well. If you need help with production and editing, you can seek assistance from a Houston web design agency and learn how to create a modern explainer video.

Shooting videos for YouTube is another digital trend that can generate a large number of subscribers and potential customers. This is where you should give away your knowledge for free. For instance, you can make tutorials or video lessons and let people see them for free.

Once they see that you share top-notch content for free, they will be curious to check out what else you do. And this is where they become your potential leads.

Apart from that, you can even transform those tutorials into lessons and publish them as online courses.


Every newly launched small business has to take the plunge in the digital world. Although it might seem that there are many players trying to do the same, businesses with original ideas are more likely to make it.

On this road to your business goals, digital tools and trends will only help you get there. From promotion in relevant online channels and genuine visuals to the clever use of social media and content marketing, you can do many things to jump on the digital bandwagon.

We hope that our tips will help your business become a visible and popular online venture from day one.

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