5 Best Ecommerce Platform for Startups in 2019 (Compared)

5 Best Ecommerce Platform for Startups in 2019 (Compared)

Ecommerce business is increasing with each passing day. Due to increased participation of tech-savvy people in online shopping, this business continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This led to the emergence of many Ecommerce brands. New companies and entrepreneurs are also mulling to enter the E-commerce world. For that people start convert PSD to WordPress Template so to access the best theme for their business. Generally, companies use Ecommerce platforms to create and run online shopping portals.

It helps them to save costs on website creation, operation, optimization, renovation, and migration. There are many E-commerce platforms. All of them have different features and functionalities aimed at catering to the needs of different industries.

Just have a look at the 5 best E-commerce platforms for start-up companies in 2019.


WooCommerce is popular among WordPress website owners. In essence, this is a plugin that allows you to create an online store easily and start selling your products. Ease of management and free accessibility are two important features of this E-commerce platform. A huge number of different themes and templates make it easier for you to create WooCommerce websites. However, with the help of a WordPress Ecommerce development firm, you can manage to get a dream E-commerce website for small and medium scale online business enterprises.

You can sell an unlimited number of goods on your Woocommerce store. You can seek help from WordPress experts to create your store. It is Easily compatible with direct delivery model, shipping companies, full cycle supply centers. Its applications are designed to make payments as well as manage the store. It also has a Point-of-sale system, which allows you to make payments in a physical store.


BigCommerce is very popular among small and medium scale online business owners. Initially, it was stated as a software product developed by Interspire. Its popularity increased a lot after the addition of hosting services. Features depend on the package chosen by you.

For example- the package for $ 29.95 includes the function of setting delivery quotas in real time, gift cards and round-the-clock telephone support line, chat, e-mail. For the Gold Plan, you just need to pay $ 79.95. Certificate from Google as a trusted online resource, scalability and greater compatibility with eBay, Google Shopping and other services make it popular among online entrepreneurs.


Shopify is one of the most famous platforms for creating online shopping portals. The main reason for the success of Shopify is that it has an app store. It allows you to expand the store easily and sell more products every day. Shopify offers hundreds of apps and themes.

So, website creation and optimization become an easy task. Shopify also provides a function to send reminders to customers about the abandoned carts. This feature is available only in the paid version of the platform, which starts from $79 per month or more.


Magento is one of the most popular CMS platforms for creating online stores. It consumes a lot of resources and manpower to create, run, optimize and maintain a Magento-based online store. It is built on open source technology and allows to create an online store provided that you have a sound knowledge of different website building skills. It has content management functions, powerful marketing tools, search engine optimization, and product catalog management features.

It is recommended for medium and large business organizations. Numerous plugins, easy scalability, and high level of security are the main features that make enterprises go crazy about this excellent E-commerce CMS platform. You can migrate Magento to WordPress if needed in the future.


It is a free, but nice CMS platform for the creation of E-commerce websites. If you want to expand the functional part of your website, purchase additional modules. This CMS has a convenient control panel and flexible settings and gives a tough fight to WooCommerce and Magento in terms of ease of use.

It has almost a complete set of necessary functions that allows you to create online shopping portals easily and sell products comfortably. Difficulties in setting up a payment and delivery system, a large number of bugs, a rare update of modules and themes, the availability of obsolete modules and themes are some of its major flaws.

Final Words

E-commerce platforms make it easier for web development companies to create online shopping portals with all necessary features and functionalities required by entrepreneurs. Choose any E-commerce platform from this list to create your dream E-commerce website comfortably.

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