5 Reasons To Choose ASP .Net Web Development in 2019 – You Can Thank Us Later

5 Reasons To Choose ASP .Net Web Development in 2019 – You Can Thank Us Later

Technology firms are the major contributors and driving force of industries coming up with revolutionizing innovations and ideas for simplifying human problems. However, every existing company or startup is constantly competing with each other to deliver the best in the market. While trying hard to outdo each other, they face many hurdles. Keeping these hurdles in mind, ASP .Net was introduced by Microsoft.

Let initially the numbers do the talking for you to choose ASP .Net for your web development:

  • According to the BuiltWith survey, there are approximately 41,304,935 websites that are developed using ASP .Net.
  • As per SimilarTech, there are 10,406,741 unique domains available with which approx. 17,911,080 websites are created using ASP .Net web development.

Here are five reasons supporting your choice and hiring an ASP .net developer for your project:

1.Easy Interoperability

With growing new technologies on the front, increases the demand of platforms that may integrate themselves with them. Some of the thriving technologies across every field are the Internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR/VR and many more.

To this, Microsoft on ‘Windows developer Day’ last year introduced two new editions of Windows 10 IoT. These editions were aimed to assist the developers in building applications supportive with IoT devices in an efficient and simpler manner.

Although interoperability is not at all easy to implement. Nonetheless, with ASP .net development at support, it can be made more secure and easy. The availability of the open source SDK suite in the Azure IoT suite ensures the flexibility in the development process by incredibly enhancing the speed along with advanced security.

So, if you’re aiming at evolving with ever-changing technologies, you must Hire asp .Net Developer for your project.

2.Safety Guarantee

Cyber attacks and data security are almost on everyone’s mind. And in such an unstable environment for web development, ASP .Net is continuing to render many high-end security features on its framework. Moreover, with its MVC architecture following SoC approach, the framework makes it infinitely easy to make the ASP .net Web Development more scalable and integrate it with existing applications.

We have always said that ASP .Net focuses on two of the most enduring aspects; versatility and diversity. The frameworks such as MVC, ASP .Net and Web API are high on their performance and when combined with database systems such as Azure Document DB, .Net and SQL server makes a compelling package for any industry. This is the reason why varied industries from finance to education and even transportation are adopting Microsoft’s ASP .net development for their business.

3.The Confluence Of ASP .Net & Azure

In case you belong to a technological background, you would agree with us if we say that the future is in the cloud, isn’t it! And with Microsoft Azure, we can even say that the future is here. This is also the reason why most of the industries and companies operating the products of Microsoft are so appealed by Azure. However, the future being in the clouds is not the only reason for them embracing Azure. But, its unique and incredible combination with .net products has also amazed many businesses (especially startups).

The confluence of ASP .net development and Azure is definitely an effortless partnership for all future-focused businesses.

4.Speed & Scalability

ASP .net is capable of providing you a highly scalable and fast development environment to any developer. Therefore, the speed of the project or development of the website/application would be high, saving some extra money spend on hired developers. Many tech companies have also said that there are definitely time and cost benefits by default added to the development of websites built on MVC architecture.

5.High Consistency

ASP .Net Development ensures that websites or applications are optimized for multiple platforms. The industries employing.Net for mobile or web development of their business can access a seamless programming model which is constantly upgraded with time as per today’s advancements.

High Consistency


So, without a doubt, we can conclude that ASP .Net becomes an ideal business solution for existing companies and startups in 2019. It’s because ASP .Net offers real benefits in the web development of commercial applications in diversified fields which may vary in their complexity. You can hire Asp .net developer to build a simple website or a complex multi-tasking web application. In the end, you’ll definitely be served with a powerful web application which is scalable, consistent and offers a reliable environment for the customers.

Don’t forget that ASP .Net is an open source framework, adopting which can save you a lot of money by reducing the overall efforts and operation costs put in your development process. It can undoubtedly help you in getting competitive advantage.

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