6 Factors Impacting The Web App Development

6 Factors Impacting The Web App Development

In this digital world, a website establishes your identity and let you market your business online. In order to build a customized website, you should partner with a competent website development services who can complete your website and make it available to the public on the World Wide Web (www). But in spite of these basic requirements, there are a few factors that impact the overall web app development process. These factors make web app development more flexible, responsive, and attractive to customers. Let’s take a look at six such factors:

Static Websites Dominating Dynamic Websites:

Static websites are gaining popularity these days because they are built at low costs and ensure high speed and performance. These websites are more secure and provide a stronger focused online content. On the other hand, dynamic websites are complex for users to understand because of their intricate functionality whereas static websites are developed simply and require plain text that makes them easy to understand.

Incorporation Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Web App Development:

AI solutions are developed to make peoples’ lives easier and efficient. These days, the AI technology is being extensively incorporated in web app development in order to create high-end, customized websites that provide users with an unmatched experience. Incorporation of AI in the web development process has opened the doors for encountering a new dimension in the digital world.

Web App Development

Smart Bots:

Automatic programs that run continuously over the web are known as Bots. PHP, Python, AngularJS, Java, and NodeJS are some of the main languages Bots run on. These Bots facilitate the development of simple graphical user interface over a web page. Bots perform functions like filling forms and providing the necessary help to the customers while they are shopping. These bots have several advantages but can be a big security threat for customers and businesses. Therefore, developers need specific skills in order to make it function properly or protect it from running over a website script.

JavaScript At The Center Stage:

JavaScript is one of the most popular platforms for web development. It has the ability to enhance the structure and overall appeal of the websites. DOM, Classes, RAIL, Functions, Node, Express, and DHTML are some of the major JavaScript elementary used for designing the best websites.

Single Page Application:

Most of the users like to stay on a single page rather than redirecting or waiting for a new page. This has increased the importance of single page web applications. In these apps, users will stay on a single page without navigating or experiencing page reloads.

No Place For MySQL:

MySQL is slowly getting replaced with other database systems such as Mongo, Cassandra, and HBase. Java API’s have easy connectivity to Big Data and Hadoop that facilitate seamless operational interface over a long run on web apps and websites. Apart from this, Hadoop is equipped to support very large database size.

These factors have a direct impact on the web app development process. This process may vary from one business to another on the basis of their specific needs. Get in touch with a seasoned website development company with a wealth of experience in effectively executing your web development from start to finish.

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