6 Lead Generation Strategies for your WordPress Website

6 Lead Generation Strategies for your WordPress Website

If you are a newbie in the website industry and are looking to generate potential leads through your WordPress website, below we will have detailed hacks to generate leads like a professional. There are several WordPress Web Development Companies in India who can deliver you the best WordPress Web Development services to increase your lead generation.

The concept of lead generation through the website is very important to the development of your online firm.

According to 99 Firms, there is over 35.3% WordPress website using traffic on the internet.

You need to be determined and put a lot of effort to expand the size of your business and develop the interests of your audience into your services and product.

WordPress offers huge opportunities and is a pioneer in the CMS market that can convert your website into an efficient lead-generating powerhouse. Be active in the online ecosystem by combining your WordPress themes, plugins, and other lead conversion tricks.

Hacks to Convert your WP Site to Lead Conversion Tool

In this article, we will learn about effective strategies and powerful methods that can assist you in excelling in your online WordPress website into a full-grown business.

1. How WordPress Supports in Lead Conversion

In today’s digital era, the buyers search the business website, history, portfolio, and other critical information before directly hitting the brick-and-mortar stores. They also collect information about your brand, products, and services using social media platforms. Studies have shown that there are 70-80 % businesses that research the business before buying products from them online.

You need to develop a full-fledged website with interactive content to reach prospects and be active on various social media websites as a lot of information can be helpful for them.

Through Google, today it is easy to bring businesses to people by allowing you to access those customers, who are searching for your brand and products.

WordPress is the hub for many appealing plugins, themes, and tools, and as an open-source CMS platform, it is a powerful tool to create strong business leads. There are many renowned sites that use WordPress based websites such as BBC America, Sony Music, and Whitehouse.gov.

To sum it up, a lead is a firm or an individual who is willing to invest in your products, brands, or services. The primary goal of every firm is to collect more and more leads.

For online space, the generation of leads the most crucial asset that allows the businesses to spread their wings and fly high. You are able to target your target customers based on classes like gender, pain points, location, shopping behavior, interests, etc. with the help of cost-effective techniques in WordPress.

2. Optimize Content for WordPress Website is Important

As a professional businessman, you are responsible for bringing leads for your business through various campaigns. Using WordPress, you will be able to create a powerful brand image using engaging content on your targeted audience and search engines. It is believed that WordPress handles 80-90% SEO components internally.

When you optimize your WordPress content it includes generating fresh leads, nurturing them, converting them into clients, and maintain them for a long duration.

You will be able to extend your leads with the help of a strong content marketing campaign for your website. You need to first research the kind of solutions your target audience is looking for.

After that evaluate the data and bring solutions to the problems of the customers and post them on various emails, social media platforms, and websites.

Most of the marketers in the B2B Marketing Community believe that one of the biggest challenges is to generate high-quality leads. There are, however, other ways to increase your leads for the company if you indulge in smart content marketing techniques.

3. Attractive WordPress Lead Conversion Themes

The more visitors you can convert into customers, the more successful your business will get. A well-optimized and attractively designed website can do the magic of lead generation.

A professional WordPress website attracts its target audience and acts as a market place for them and build a strong relationship of trust between those who are looking to buy your services and products. Hence, you need to choose an appealing theme to develop your website that looks catchy.

You can find 3,500 free themes in WordPress to select from. All these themes feature an email sign up boxes that include detailed CTA social share mechanisms, compelling images, and many other themes.

4. Powerful Plugins to generate WordPress Leads

Lead generation plays a vital role in promoting your business. You can find new opportunities and connect with customers with the integration of lead generation plugins on your WordPress presence. More than 55040 plugins are available at WP.

To bring leads on a business website, there are several plugins in WP. You can seek help from the professional custom plugin development services providers if you are looking for something more in plugins and are eager to develop new custom plugins.

These developers are skilled in building plugins that are integrated with efficiency, business logic, scalability, and more.

5. Creative Strategies for Generating Leads

It is necessary to figure out smart strategies to create potential leads. These strategies can help you figure out viable solutions for your target audience and start your cash inflow. Below are some of the strategies that you can effectively use to increase the leads:

You can use some exit-intent tools to convince the visitors to remain on your portal. For instance, this strategy was applied by Chamaileon.io that is an email developer and CMS platform. By using this strategy they increased their lead conversions by almost 220%.
Create effective landing pages for better conversions. This technique was applied by Digital Marketer and it successfully becomes their lead powerhouse.
You should also look to optimize the web site as well as homepage content.

6. Include Automated Marketing Tools to your Website

Usually, leads are sandwiched into categories like marketing qualified lead, product qualified lead, service qualified lead, information qualified lead, including sales qualified lead.

You can make use of powerful marketing tools that are automated like Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, and many more to bring potential leads to your website.

As WordPress is a dominating Content Management Platform and is utilized by many active audiences in the industry. According to a report, 35% of websites are base on WordPress. There is also the availability of ease of access to API that customizes the efficiencies and features of marketing technologies. Considering these reasons you should integrate WordPress into the marketing tools of many popular automation marketing companies.


WordPress lead generation is the heart and soul of any business. This is why businesses promote their services and products. This is where WordPress comes into picture packed with a diverse range of features, widgets, and plugins.

You can make the best of your WordPress website as the lead generation tool by strategically by using its themes, plugins, and SEO tools. You can hire Custom Plugin Development Service providing the company to get the best of WP.

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