An Overview of Joomla Features

An Overview of Joomla Features

Joomla, as we all know is one of the most popular platform that is used to develop, manage and publish content for websites, blogs and mobile applications. It is one of the great platforms used for creating web applications.

Joomla owns 9% market share of content management systems. It is used by various well known organizations like as eBay, McDonalds, Citibank and more. Sometimes, it forces us to think as to what has made Joomla so popular and the answer lies here in this article:

Features of Joomla:

  • Supports various languages :

It is one of the most popular open source CMS that supports more than 64 languages. Webmasters and content creators can develop websites in different languages without the need of any other plug in. This makes the website accessible easily by large number of audience.

  • Proper Support :

The entire online community is filled with individuals and world class developers as well as business consultants who help at no cost. There are various service providers that can help to build, maintain and market Joomla projects.

  • Easy to upgrade :

Several softwares are hard to upgrade while this is one of the easy tasks in Joomla. It has “One click version update” feature that makes it easy to upgrade any old Joomla version to the newer one.

The inbuilt updater contains notifications of the core software and Joomla extension that utilizes this feature. It’s advisable to keep your website up to date as this helps to secure the web assets and Joomla offers various tools that can be used to update the websites in easy manner.

  • Easy Help System :

Joomla consists of an easy to use help system that is of great assistance to even new users. The help section includes glossary explaining the meaning of every term in simple English. In addition to this, it also provides online help.

  • Media Manager :

This tool is used to easily upload, organize and manage your data such as various media files and folders. It is combined with article editor so that images as well as other media content can be easily accessed.

  • Banner Management :

With this feature, one can easily add advertisements to the website and make it a cash cow. The number of ads that you can add is unlimited.

  • Contact Management :

This feature is used to add innumerable contacts based on different categories as well as miscellaneous information and an image. So, just set up a contact form for each of the contact and then provide access to public or to certain number of registered users.

  • Search in a smart and better way :

With this smart and better search feature, website visitors will be quickly able to get the proper information from your website. It is also used to analyze the need of visitors and manage your content in a proper way to serve them.

  • Responsive with BootStrap :

Joomla offers mobile responsive websites as well as online applications which can quickly respond to the device. These templates are developed with Bootstrap thus making it responsive.

  • Template Management :

Joomla templates serve as a powerful tool to provide your website the exact look as it wants. The presentation can be controlled completely using a single template for the entire site or different template for different pages.

These features and more such make Joomla a perfect CMS to be used for developing websites and virtual applications. Many Joomla Web Development Companies like Softqube Technologies have hands on experience in developing websites on Joomla.

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