Familiarize Yourself With ReactJS & Its Key Features

Familiarize Yourself With ReactJS & Its Key Features

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that helps developers build UIs (user interfaces), which are interactive elements that you see on websites and web applications. UIs include search bars, buttons, on-screen menus, and anything that you use to explore a website or an app. Before the arrival of ReactJS, developers actually had to make UIs by hand, which obviously took more time and there was a lot of scope for bugs and errors. Therefore, ReactJS was created to specifically give a strong boost to UI development. Know here, two key features of ReactJS that prove to be immensely useful to Hire ReactJS Developer for your specific needs.

The two key features of ReactJS that prove to be immensely useful to JavaScript developers are as follows:

1. JSX

At the core of any proper website lie HTML documents that web browsers read and then display on a PC, smartphone, or tablet in the form of web pages. In the process, browsers create a DOM (Document Object Model), which is how the web page is basically created. Developers use JavaScript to modify their DOM and make changes in their projects.

JSX (JavaScript eXtension) is an extension of ReactJS that enables web developers to alter their DOM through the use of a simple, HTML-style code. And because the browser support of ReactJS covers every modern browser, JSX too works on any browser that you choose.

And it is not just about convenience. When you use JSX for updating a DOM, it brings about a significant improvement in site performance and leads to greater efficiency vis-à-vis UI development.

2. Virtual DOM

In the absence of ReactJS, your site will make use of HTML for updating its DOM. This does not cause any serious problem in the case of simple and static websites but when a website is dynamic and involves a lot of user interaction, this can become a major issue as the entire DOM will have to reload whenever a user clicks any feature demanding a page refresh.

But when a developer puts JSX to use for amending a DOM, ReactJS creates a Virtual DOM, which as the name suggests is a copy of the actual DOM and ReactJS uses it to see where all changes need to be made in the actual DOM when a user clicks a button and does the needful.

This type of selective modification results in less power consumption and loading time, which really makes a major difference when you take into account the dynamics of a complex website and the alterations that are made in it.

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