Shopify eCommerce- Fine-Tune With AI-Powered Customer Interactions

Shopify eCommerce- Fine-Tune With AI-Powered Customer Interactions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly gaining importance across the world. Many industries are predicting huge disruption in the market with the emergence of AI.

Showing its significance by name, Artificial intelligence deals with the machine’s ability to think, work and provide the solution like we humans do.

If we consider its impact on different industries, the eCommerce comes in the top ranks. AI has turbocharged growth for eCommerce. Many retailers who don’t wish to stay on the sidelines are harvesting AI’s benefits to expedite the growth.

In this writing, we shall emphasize the never-ending impact of AI in Shopify eCommerce while serving the consumers with the best of experience. Shopify is a wonderful eCommerce platform that is constantly being backed up by a team of experts to provide you with an enhanced experience every time.

Today’s consumers are linked with each other in various manners and undoubtedly, have a lot of options to choose from. The current eCommerce market is competitive and dynamic in its nature. And, consumers wish to have their desirable products or services in a hassle-free manner.

So, the eCommerce marketers are being forced to look for new and alternate ways to engage customers. While looking for the best solution to provide tailored offers to the targeted audience, a bot-customer interaction comes in scenario.

As per Gartner research, “By 2020, 85% of customer interactions shall be occurring without human interventions, and by the end of 2018, AI bots will enable voice and face recognition of consumers.

What is an AI-powered customer interaction?

In order to understand AI-customer interaction, I would like to take up the example of chatbots. Virtual buying assistants or chatbots are gradually changing the complete picture of customer service. Over the past several years, they have been perfectly fitting in eCommerce and become a boon.

Nowadays, you can be at your customer’s service 24X7 with the assistance of chatbots. We all must have seen a chat box pops out when we visit an online store with a welcome message and probing more from us.

That is a perfect example of AI-powered customer interaction in an eCommerce deal. However, the prowess of AI in our eCommerce is not limited to this and way more to deal with.

Major contribution in eCommerce


In eCommerce, personalization is the best aspect to deliver in every customer’s journey on your web store.

Think about visiting a website and seeing your favorite content or products in recommendations, isn’t it a wonderful experience?

AI contributes to the same in the following manner:

  • Knowing every single customer
  • Storing customer data
  • Analyzing the same for marketing strategies
  • Creating a relevant experience for unique customer profiles

Overall, it helps you to automate customer personalization experience with some simple steps. There are many Shopify development agency who can assist you a successful implementation of AI-powered tools in your eCommerce to enhance the customer experience.

Visual search

Among various other innovations in the AI space, visual search is also winning over the hearts of others. Image recognition is becoming the most powerful contribution of AI while allowing the consumers to get a visual search on your website.

Visual search allows you to automatically organize, tag & search content visually by labeling features of the image or video.

You can leverage its power to help your clients find products faster with a replacement of textual search more semantic. It shall definitely help you to address the need for easing out the customer journey on your website.

Same AI-powered solutions have already given a competitive effectiveness to many giant retailers. One of the major aspects of this technology is its usability for every business irrespective of size or industry. So you can leverage its benefits even if you are an SME or dealing with a few products.

Some of its other contributions in eCommerce trade include customer data management, image search, inventory management, cybersecurity, CRM and more. Undoubtedly, it has made life easier for the merchants as well as customers.

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