Front-end Development Trends CTO Should Know in 2021
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Front-end Development Trends CTO Should Know in 2021

Front-end Development Trends CTO Should Know in 2021

From the year 1980s to 2020, web development has witnessed massive transformations during the past few decades. It was clearly understood that there is much more to achieve with latest IT techniques and modern technologies with time. Powered by multimedia functionalities and various features, websites and apps have become much functional these days and commercially viable. And a full-fledged front-end development company can help you with robust website solutions with unique features and exceptional benefits. 

However, things don’t stop here!

Almost every business has a website and their mobile app today that may attract businesses’ attractive revenue. IT industries keep innovating web development trends every year. In 2021, front-end development will again experience some pioneering transformations the way we leverage these quintessential devices.

Let us see some of the trailblazing front-end development trends to watch out for 2021 and beyond, and we will discuss each of them in brief one by one. You should hire front-end developers in India or an experienced front-end development company that has worked on similar projects for years.

AI implementation and intelligent chatbots: AI implementation has transformed almost every industry vertical worldwide. There will come a time soon when everything around you will be AI-enabled. Websites and apps are also moving in the same direction, and we can expect some amazing websites or apps in 2021 powered by AI and intelligent chatbots.

Website Development for Flip phones

Flip phones were taken the hallmark of luxury earlier, but smartphones made these devices obsolete. These devices are making a comeback, and websites need to be customized for these special phones. 

Instant Websites development

Small-sized websites are in trend these days, and they can be accessed to any mobile phone with basic functionalities and usage. You need to hire expert front-end developers in India to develop these websites for your products or services.

5G implementation

5G is a new trend in the Internet world that determines speed, overall throughput, traffic capacity, network effectiveness, or spectrum efficiency, etc. So, it will impact the front-end development world too. And the features of 5G connectivity are expected to empower 3D games or multiplayer features in apps.

On-demand Websites & Apps

On-demand websites and apps are in trend for some years that has been made lives simpler. The usage of these types of websites is surely expected to grow in 2021.

Location Tracking feature

Location tracking feature is a new step in the security space that can give an accurate idea of a person, vehicle, object, etc. There is an exponential demand expected for location-tracking websites in 2021.

Websites powered by IoT.

IoT powered websites can control devices across the world through a remote location. It is not a new trend but surely going to increase during 2021 and beyond.

AR integration with Websites

Augmented Reality is a new trend in the IT industry, and it can be quickly absorbed with Websites and mobile phones. It submerges virtual objects in real surroundings allowing users to experience visually empowered surroundings. These websites can be experienced in 3D modeling, construction models, or the education world these days.

Final Words: 

There are millions of websites LIVE these days, and this number is undoubtedly going to increase dramatically in the year 2021. What will be even more interesting to see the features or trends followed by websites in the coming years? By implementing top trends and hiring front-end developers in India or an experienced front-end development company, websites will deliver more benefits that will elevate the overall user experiences in turn.

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