Fun facts about online logo design

Fun facts about online logo design

What are the advantages of designing your logo online, and why use this method rather then contacting a design agency? First of all, to break it down, let’s have a look at the various way that you can design your business logo:

The first way is by contacting a freelance design or design agency. This requires a detailed logo brief and being in touch with a professional during the design stages.

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The second way to design a logo is by entering a logo design contest. Sites like 99design offer great services which allow you to communicate your logo design requirements through an online form. Your logo is then designed by a network of freelance designers. This option allows you to have multiple versions of your logo from individual artists which you can then select based on your likings.

The third option is to use an online logo maker. Online logo makers are sites that offer DIY logo design services. For those who are not familiar with the term DIY, it stands for Do IT Yoursef. This method is quick, easy and reliable.

Let’s talk a little more about online logo design:

Designing an online logo is a 3 step process:

1. Entering you company details:

The online logo maker will require a few business details from you to  generate  logo  templates.  These  details  include your business industry, your company name and your slogan.

2. Choosing a logo template:

The next step is selecting a logo template. Multiple logo templates are generated based on your company details. You can usually pick from various logo styles like logos that are encapsulated in a shape,logos with icons, logos with fonts and letter shaped logos. See the different styles of logos here.


Customizing your logo template:

Next and final step is customizing your logo. Once you’ve chosen a logo template, you can then customize it with the online tools. The online logo design tools are usually very intuitive and don’t require any design skills. Tutorials will guide you along the way. You can change the colors of your logo, the fonts, shapes, icons, add extra details and much more.

What are the advantage of online logo design as opposed to logo contests and design agencies? There are a lot of advantages with online logo design. Some of these include:

Staying in control

When you design an online logo, you stay in control each step of the way. This means that you can tweak, add, modify and generate logos the way you want. You don’t have to hand over your design project to a third party.

Time efficiency

When design an online logo, you save a lot of time. You don’t have to go back and forth with a  designer  and  wait  for  revisions to be made. The design process is quick, and you can download your logo right after you’re finished.


Making modifications and adjustments to your logo is easy and your logo files can immediately be downloaded from your account. When designing your logo, you will probably need different versions and formats of your  logo.  The  great  thing about online logo design is that if you need a logo for a banner for example, and you need a horizontal format of your logo, you can duplicate the existing logo and make the amendments and download the files instantly.


Everybody loves a creative company. When you design your own logo online, you  get a sense of satisfaction and pride. It empowers you and reflects exactly who you are. The DIY phenomenon is trending, doing things yourself shows that you have creative qualities and that you are capable of solving problems on your own.

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