How Digital Transformation Is Changing Business Operation & Growth

How Digital Transformation Is Changing Business Operation & Growth

In recent year’s technology have evolved quickly and so the use of digital technology has increased and transformed our lives. But with this fast change in technology, the most effected ones are the businesses. To cope up with digital world, businesses had to change their way of working, operating and selling.

From changing consumer preferences to reshaping the way businesses produce and market goods, technology can be seen even in the smallest details of day-to-day business operations, increasing the productivity of workers and investments, accelerating economic activity, and also creating new business risks. And those not changing their business styles yet are now far away from their competitors, to come back in the fast moving market, they also need to revamp their business and the first step by shifting the business online. Let’s see how digital transformation have changed the business activities-

1. Focusing on Digital Visibility:

As said earlier, to cope up with new digital world, the first thing is to shifting your business online. That means you need to first book domain name with your company or brand name combination and get a powerful website.  For best results you can reach to Website Designing Company In Noida for your business website. Once your business is online, you can switch each of the business activities online step by step.

2. Enabling better Business Operation:

Yes, Every business has its operating cost including accounting, payroll, Administration and many more such activities. Digital Technologies are so many advances that you can have centralized system with mobile apps to collaborate each of the activities in one system with all automated calculations and results. It also helps in better business decisions on time such as when to raise next purchase order, does you really need to hire a new resource, etc. All these activities are managed by ERP or CRM software’s, which you can buy online. Alternatively if you have some customer requirements there are few Web Development Company in Noida which can help you in development of systems as per your business requirements.

3. Reducing Operation Cost:

With advancement in business operation, where you needed 5 people, now you need only 2 people to complete that particular job reducing your overall cost. Similarly, shifting your business online and going with online ads can again reduce a whole lot of investment done offline.

4. Improved Communication process & Customer Support:

Business communication is not just limited to sales & marketing but it also have communication within teams, after sales support and upselling or cross selling. All these have been taken to a new level with the help of digital technology. In terms in communicating within organizations, using internal team chats or CRM chats give easy way of communication & reminders. Similarly integrating live chat or bot chat helps you to communicate with your customers and enhance the customer support process. Best Web Designing Company In Noida always suggest to have any one of these- Live chat or Chat Bot integrated to your website so you can proudly provide 24/7 online support to your customers increasing customer delight.

5. Sales & Marketing Process:

Now having a field sales guy in your team and him going to each house/office for sales won’t work. Instead of this, you should try the digital sales using lead magnets. Yes, this is how businesses are generating leads and converting them on call or meeting. You can run a campaign giving some free resources like downloading free home designing guide or Free e-books which can help user in some or the other ways. When someone is interested, they can click and goes to your website landing page, fills their information for getting free resources or guides. Here you got a lead, which you can further nurture by email marketing and move to for direct sales of your main product or you can directly call or have meeting to for further sales process. Every business has its own unique lead magnet to get contact information for your marketing & sales. Taking another example, for a food delivery or restaurant can use lead magnet as “Free Dinner Date” and when someone enroll it, you can deliver free food with decorative items to their address and send your food menu and some discount coupons. Also, you have email id of your consumers, you can email them ongoing offers or new addition at menu, etc. this method is totally open for everyone, you can use any method or new idea as your lead magnet.

6. Direct Selling:

Ecomemrce or online sales is not a new term now. Companies have become earned millions & billions who moved to this model when it all started. But now also it is not too late, you can also have your ecommerce website and start selling online in any type of products. Now already we have brands selling industrial products, daily products, grocery, medicines and what not. You take a name, and you can find someone selling it online and if you do not find any, this is the best time to get into this product in ecommerce market. There are plenty of Ecommerce Web Development Company In Noida who can help you in launching your ecommerce website and promoting it online using various methods such as SEO, SMO, paid ads, affiliates, etc.

7. Broaden Customer Base:

You can continue working online with your selected location or area, but when operating your business online, you can easily expand your business rather than just selling consumer goods or services in the local market, small businesses can reach regional, national and international markets. Companies like Bigbasket, Fassos, Licious have started with Bangalore regions and now operates in almost all regions of India. So, its just needs to start and then eventually broaden your consumer base.

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