5 Vital Elements Absent In Your Homepage: Web Development Company Tips

5 Vital Elements Absent In Your Homepage: Web Development Company Tips

The home page or navigation page is definitely the principal page of the website. As they say, first impression is the last impression, so you better be prepared. It is always good practice to develop your homepage with all the required keys and features. Divide the traffic, so the traffic will come to website through different routes.

  1. Hero Image Banner: A hero image is a large poster, which is generally used in web design. It placed in the front and heart. It is the first image which is seen by the visitor & it displays the key features from the important content present on the website. It is composed of text & images. It could be static or dynamic (a series of images moving or 1 still image).

    It draws user’s attention, so it must be designed very carefully. It generally consists of:

    • Main or Primary Headline
    • Secondary or Sub Headline
    • Primary Call to Action: A link that will take user to make any kind of transaction, mails or calls.
    • Supporting Theme: The image that matches with the theme.
  2. Assisting Information: Trust plays a very important role when you are connecting with the user. At this time, there are some users which are very cynical about sharing their credit or debit cards information. But, it is suggested that you should not share your bank details anywhere on the web. Supporting information will always bring you in a win-win situation. It is always beneficial for the customers in doubt. This kind of information contains:
    • Advantages of your service/product
    • Details about your company (About us section)
    • Companies you deal with & their logos.
    • Reviews/feedbacks
    • Success milestones
  3. Proper Navigation: The directions given on your page must lead the user to the destination of their choice. Make sure that navigation tabs or bars are visible all the time. Because many times it happens, that the website leads the user to nowhere. This is a very frustrating situation for the user. This will make the user to abandon your website. So, always make sure your users feel very comfortable while searching any product or service on your website.
  4. Resources: Not everyone visiting your website is going to buy something or create an account. Open your website for such users where they can go deep in your website exploring the products & services you offer. This will create an invisible bond of trust with your website. This will create a credibility which in turn will pull them back to your website.
  5. Get ready for the second net: It might be a case where the users are not interested in the products or services shown to them. Grab their attention by offering some similar products/services. It is always worth to give it second chance. You never know, which of them will get you the customers. It is definitely not necessary that the user will be interested in your primary service. That why, get them the secondary services as well.

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