Popular Node.JS Frameworks to use in 2020

Popular Node.JS Frameworks to use in 2020

Node.JS platform was introduced in 2009, with the motive to overcome major challenges of the development process, to utilize JavaScript language for scripting server-side. From the last couple of years, Node.JS has gained a lot of popularity and has turned as the most preferred choice of web developers. Many large and well-known corporations such as PayPal, Microsoft, and LinkedIn have also opted for the Node.JS platform to meet with their business requirements.

Node.js will continue to grow in building high-performance, Durable and scalable network web applications. It is really easy to get started, and it is built well enough to handle modern Web complexities.

Things to know about Node.JS

  • Node.Js is a Javascript runtime environment platform. 
  • Open Source and extremely lightweight.
  • Total Websites – 185,115.
  • Supports cross-platform for JavaScript runtime. 
  • Launched by Ryan Dahl
  • Written in: C, C++, and JavaScript
  • Offers several frameworks
  • Behavior configuration

The Node.JS platform has turned the customized web development process easier for the website developers. Most of the developers prefer to opt for Node.JS to build large enterprise-based websites as it offers extensive advantages such as real-time apps, enable coding in JavaScript for both the client and server-side, and execute code faster than any other platform. Along with this, to simplify the functionalities it offers several frameworks such as Express.Js and Hapi.Js, which are based on flexible Model-View-Controller(MVC) and integrate powerful API respectively. 

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Top Node.Js Frameworks to Use in 2020

  1. Express.Js
  2. Hapi.Js
  3. Koa
  4. Sails.JS
  5. Mean
  6. Total.Js


Known as simply Express Node.Js framework based on open source, robust, and Model-View-Controller(MVC) characteristics, Express.Js also helps to develop web and mobile apps with faster speed. It is lightweight, easy to use, and customized framework.

Things to know about Express.JS

  • Offers a rich set of features 
  • Supports 14+ template engines
  • Easy HTTP method
  • Seamless setup of middleware 
  • Extremely fast non-blocking I/O model 
  • Offers multiple view support system  
  • Allowing users to render large HTML pages dynamically
  • Container Integration


Also known as Hapi, it is an open-source framework to build web applications. The most common use of hapi is to build web services such as JSON API. Hapi.Js framework offers several features to the developers such as login, input validation implements caching, and error handling.

This framework helps to build real-time chat apps and enables us to operate with Postgres, MongoDB, and MySQL. This framework does not rely on a third party or any other assistance and it also has an ability to handle error handling. It was developed to handle Walmart’s Black Friday scale. However, hapi has grown to be the proven choice for enterprise-grade backend needs.

Things to know about Hapi.JS

  • Offers plug-ins based architecture 
  • Seamless control over request managing
  • Provides integration with several plugins Such as boom, travelogue, yar, tv, catbox, and joi. 
  • Full-stack development framework
  • Allow developers to build reusable app logic patterns
  • Compatible with  APIs
  • JavaScript Templating Engine
  • Max memory reload


Koa is a next-generation, Node.Js web development framework.  However, to enhance error management, this Node.JS framework restricts the usage of callbacks. It also helps to run and execute code faster and enhance the development process. This Node.JS offers a rich code set.

Things to know about Koa

  • Based on a lightweight architecture
  • Powerful middleware framework
  • Robust framework to develop the web app and API
  • Founded in 2013
  • Offer several options to customize
  • Developers can integrate required features.
  • Sync/await keywords feature helps to manage your codes neatly


Sails.JS is created on Node.JS express framework. It is a real-time MVC web development platform. It helps to develop modern data-driven APIs web apps with smooth integration with middleware. This framework is the best platform for all frontend technologies for Android, Windows, Java, Angular, and React. It is easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js web applications, and APIs.

Things to know about Sails.JS

  • Helps to develop the custom based enterprise-level web and app.
  • Allows to make use of any database
  • Ensure best quality and high performance
  • Realtime MVC structure and open source
  • Written – JavaScript
  • MIT License
  • Supports cross-platform


Mean is a Full Stack Javascript framework, it is a combination of several technologies and frameworks such as MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. It is written in Javascript. It has turned out to be the foremost choice of the frontend development developers. This helps developers to write the code in one language for clients as well as the server-side.

Things to know about Mean

  • Works on Javascript
  • Single language platform
  • Offer faster performance
  • Open Source
  • Helps to manage apps easily
  • With this framework, developers are enabled to deliver real-time dynamic applications.


Total.Js is a high-performance Node.JS web app framework, supporting several databases such as MySQL and MongoDB. It helps to develop rich feature websites, web apps, and e-commerce portal.

Things to know about Total.JS

  • Seamless setup of middleware
  • faster performance
  • use of any database
  • Full-stack development


The above-mentioned frameworks are the most popular Node.JS frameworks, which will be used in 2020 by the developers. To build a progressive Node.js based web app, developers should know about these frameworks as it helps them to stay ahead in the competitive market. Equally important it is for developers to choose the right framework with the right architecture.

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