Reasons to Fit Java in Top Programming Languages

Reasons to Fit Java in Top Programming Languages

Why Developers Are Using Java Over Python?

Both the programming languages i.e. Java and Python are extremely popular in 2020. If we ask developers how they find using Python over Java, they would tell that Python is better in productivity when compared to Java. If this is true then why there are developers who still prefer using Java over Python? What is the point of using Java Development Company if it requires extra coding than Python for the same project? Let’s talk here.

Comparing Java and Python on the basis of Productivity

Here, we will discuss how Python is better in productivity than Java and how developers can save their time during app development.

Dynamically typed

Python is dynamically typed language which makes it more productive. Developers don’t need to declare anything in Python. They can simply define the variable name and give any value to the defined variable name. Python has capability to define that type of variable its own at runtime as per the value assigned to it.

On contrary part, Java is a popular statically typed language. It is must to declare the types in Java.


Python is a concise programming language that expresses lines in fewer words whereas in Java, there are more words.

Take an instance of Hello World in both languages:


java codePython


Then there are one-liners which make the Python language extra concise. Developers can run multiple tasks in one-liners in Python which is not possible with Java.

Take an instance:





Less Boiler Plate Code in Python

Python includes lesser boilerplate code than Java and thus, developers can write code without any hassle. However, the case of Java is different as it includes more boilerplate code due to its verbosity- which is why you find most java developers frustrated with their work as they need to put extra efforts to accomplish smaller tasks.

Simple to Learn

There is no other programming language that can compete with Python when it comes to ease of learning. Since Python is the simplest programming language to learn, maximum fundamental programming courses pick Python. Python is more expressive and dynamic in terms of coding and so novice developers find it interesting to learn. However, Java is complex and statically typed language which a novice developer cannot easily grasp.

With so many reasons of being rejected, why Java is still running and most used programming language?

In the above details, you might find that Java is not that much reliable programming language than Python. Here, we got explanation to the facts why it is still used by companies.

Java is statically typed programming language, which means it offers safety that detects potential errors during compilation. This detection happens during runtime in Python.

First and foremost thing you need to understand is that both Python and Java are not the best options to develop high-computing applications. However, when it comes to performance and speed, Java wins because it has JIT or Just-In-Time Compiler which is responsible for converting Java bytecode into native machine code in no time.

Java has better portability and cross-platform support. Companies working with Java apps might not need any other language support.

At the end, we can conclude that Python is productive than any other programming language since it is dynamically typed. But companies have their own reasons to use Java as programming language. It is the robust ecosystem of the Java that attracts business development of global era. Both the programming languages are powerful and follow different philosophies. We don’t criticize any of them as each of them has its own importance and usage.

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