Reasons You Need Software Quality Assurance

Reasons You Need Software Quality Assurance

As the technology business is experiencing a lot of competition in its business sphere, it becomes very important that your business should have an added advantage as strategy. Though, preparing a pre-planned strategy altogether seems a huge challenge for the business as the enterprise generally surrounds with numerous basic and sometime advanced business tasks to accomplish. It is been shown many times that to meet the product release date, the testing is the activity is the underestimated most of the time, which ultimately hampers the overall quality of the product in a long run. In order to make the process executed effectively, and to save time, many firms are now focusing on outsourcing the software quality assurance process to other experienced firms.

Software testing or SQA is an activity which is the positive way to achieve the customer satisfaction which is an ultimate goal behind very activity. Every single thing is taken care of to find out the bugs in the software and then fix the software. There are times, when you the tester find the bugs several functional layers down and have very less impact on the product’s performance and efficiency. But there are even times when there are bugs present at the surface of the software and has a major impact on product’s efficiency and performance like data crash, and sometimes even bigger issues. This is why; you need to conduct the testing process right from the beginning of the SDLC to make sure that the final product is bug free.

The Quality assurance process just not involves the process of finding the bugs, but it also has some variety of other aims to focus like performance, efficiency and confirmatory tests etc. There, you need to adopt a proper plan which is require to build before starting the testing process, as it results in less instances of bugs. Therefore, you need to have some things clear in your mind before undergoing test which is why you need testing, And what are you going to test, before you start implementing test cases.

As soon as you are aware about the answers of two questions mentioned-above, you now have series of activities which you need to follow to assess the performance, efficiency and quality of the software. There are two testing techniques which are manual and automation which can be used to find out the bugs in software. After every test run, the bug which has been found out is directed to developer’s teams to start find the solution of it. As the batch of errors which is found by the tester is resolve, then again the testing team start validate testing to make sure that the bugs exists no more, or is there any new bugs found out during validate testing, and the software quality assurance process cycle will run continuously by the Global Yogi’s experts until and unless a good quality product is achieved.

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