Tips To Measure & Improve the ROI of Your Website

Tips To Measure & Improve the ROI of Your Website

Your website is the first impression of your business online and is the foundation of all your digital marketing activities. Doing digital marketing without having a website is like a shop without a product; all your marketing efforts go in the vein. The first thing to start earning from your website is that you need to have your own website but getting just a fancy website is not worth it. You need to have a professional website with specific features and analytics, you can hire the Best Website Designing Company In Noida to get a perfect website that can give you ROI back. Let’s find out major points with help of which you can measure & improve the ROI of your website.

  • Unique Visitors:

Generally, it is recommended by Web Development Company in Noida to integrate with the website to measure various parameters of the website. Google Analytics has a “User” which refers to the number of visitors on your website. The success of a website is measured by an upward trend on average and spikes of the visitor’s continuous. This can be improved by regular & fresh content update on the website to attract new visitors, sharing this content on various social media gives more exposure to content and increases website visitors.

  • New Visitors Vs. Returning Visitors:

Google analytics shows a pie chart that shows the number of unique visitors and repeated visitors, i.e., how many visitors are coming back to your website. More the percent of repeated customer higher is the success rate of your website as it means your website has great content that keeps motivating your visitors to come back to your website. But if the repeated customer is more than 40% that means you’re not generating many new customers for your website.

  • Acquisition Channels:

This section in Google Analytics shows how people found your website if they were referred via social media shares or through organic search engines or by directly entering your website URL. Ideally, 40% or more traffic through organic search engines means your website has good credibility for various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Similarly, if your website has 20-30% of the referral traffic which means people are finding your content valuable enough to get referred through various sources. Web designing company in Noida says any type of traffic is whether organic or referral but if you want to increase more organic traffic, you need to spend more time on SEO and if you want to increase referral traffic you need to share content and create quality backlinks as much as possible which also includes blog commenting and interacting on forums.

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  • Popular Web Pages:

You can also analyze website behavior by looking into all pages under site content in the behavior tab. You can check all popular web pages. Mostly content loses over time but few posts stand on top for months and years, more such content gives more value to your website and you can generate enough leads through those web pages.

  • Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is the percentage of new visitors who do not browse your website enough, or you can say visitor lands up to 1 page and do stay for long neither navigates to any other page. As per the Website Development Company In Noida, this shows either your content is not much value or your website design or navigation is complex and not readable. If you see more bounce rate in your website, make your navigation easier, design is not clean or website is taking too much time to load and you must interlink other pages in your web page.  A high bounce rate can hurt your search engine rankings and affects your website ROI.

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