Top 7 Features of ASP Dot NET Core

Top 7 Features of ASP Dot NET Core

What is ASP. NET core?

ASP.NET Core developed by Microsoft is an open-source web framework and is free. It is the successor of ASP.NET. Being a modular framework, it works on both the cross-platform .NET core and .NET framework on Windows. Version 3 of ASP.NET core is functional on .NET Core without the support of the .NET Framework. 

This open framework is a 100% rewrite that brings together ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API, both into one single programming model. Of course, any good ASP.NET development company is aware of these features. 

Though it is a new framework and built on a novel web stack, it has high compatibility with ASP.NET. It also supports parallel versioning of varied applications running on similar machines and can target various versions of this open framework. This was not possible with earlier ASP.NET versions.

Features of ASP.NET Core

As we know, ASP.NET is a next-generation open-source framework and one of the best frameworks developed by Microsoft. Therefore, discussion about ASP.NET Core features can be helpful to find solutions to the challenges faced in the apps and improve the performance. 

1. Cross-platform Compatibility

With ASP.NET Core the developers can develop various types of ASP.NET applications and connect them to Windows, macOS, and Linux. Microsoft and its community have made a significant effort to transform Linux to run ASP.NET with maximum efficiency. In present times, containers are consuming clouds. The technologies that are trending are- Docker, Kubernetes, etc. This framework enables the developers to use these technologies. In addition, it has the support of Microsoft Azure. 

2. Better Performance

If the performance of ASP.NET Core is calculated with ASP.NET on a scale of 1 to 10, the former will get a perfect 10! Microsoft makes it inevitable that its performance is far ahead of present technologies deployed in microservices like Go, Java Servlet, and Node.js. With ASP.NET Core, the speed of compression, serialization, concurrency, and networking have increased. 

3. Lesser Code

When you hire an ASP.NET development company, you know that this framework uses several standard APIs with their .NET structure. It also includes Linux, OS X, and Unix. Common APIs are segregated into standard .NET, using both the .NET framework and .NET Core. It implies codes that concern .NET standards can be on the .NET framework and .NET Core. It thus makes it convenient to share the codes among these two platforms.

4. Web Applications

In ASP.NET, a developer can develop their self-hosted app in different formats. But Kestrel web server is utilized with ASP.NET Core. Here one of the most significant benefits of this framework is, ASP.NET Core is a console application. Therefore, IIS can be found adjacent to a reverse proxy. This implies any app can be easily deployed with Kestrel concerning non-server-based use cases. 

5. Multiple Environments Support

It has a robust support system to control the behavior of applications across different environments. An environment variable enables the ASP.NET developers to deal with multiple environments. You can set any value to this variable like- staging, development, production, etc. These are in-built framework values. Here the variable denotes a particular environment where the application is running and thus appropriately configured.

6. Impressive Action Filters

One of the prominent features of ASP.NET Core is the in-built support for the sake of extensible filters. It makes it convenient to implement better functionality that can be applied to any controller or action. It does not change the complete action. Filters are helpful to rectify any error handling, authorization, caching, etc., that is to be implemented. 

7. Convenient Compilation

ASP.NET Core presents an easy and robust compilation within its memory. So even if there is the slightest change in coding, it gets saved with just a browser refresh and activated.


If you want to create modern cloud applications, ASP.NET Core is the best performing open-source multi-platform framework. You can connect with a reliable ASP.NET web development company having certified developers to do the job professionally perfectly for custom solutions.

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