Joomla Web Development: A Famous Open Source CMS and a Widely Used Web Development Platform

Joomla Web Development: A Famous Open Source CMS and a Widely Used Web Development Platform

Joomla is a purely free and open source CMS (content management system) intended to submit content over internet. It is well known platform for creating web application and dealing with website’s content once it is designed. Joomla is getting popularity day by day due to its easy-to use feature. Joomla is coded in PHP and uses MySQL for storing data.

Joomla web development is used for making and controlling sites for social media. Many group colleges, bank organizations, newspapers, social organizations, business organization etc uses Joomla development for making business purpose website and maintaining their presence over internet. Joomla development services provide large no. of functions called extension and user friendly usability. Joomla is suitable for small as well as large or simple and complex websites. Having large no. of functions and features make it widely used and flexible for any kind of websites. This development services are not only used by group or organization but by individuals also.

Joomla provides you many plug-INS (many of them are free) that may be needed by your website pages. If your website needs some complex functions to be performed and that cannot be performed by using existing plug-ns then Joomla web development structure provides you facility to write your own needed program utilizing its open source feature.
Some Top core features of Joomla web development are listed below:

Joomla is a multilingual CMS platform. This feature of Joomla makes it widely used and more accessible by reaching large no of users. Joomla offer 64 languages to the clients for their web applications.

Well supported   
This development platform supports complex as well as simple websites to be built, maintained and marketed over internet.

Easy Upgrades
Joomla is a single click version update kind of system. This feature makes it easy to upgrade by any user having any skill level. The built-in updater notifies if anything is to be updated (This includes use of some of Joomla extensions) .

Integrated help system

Joomla has an in-built integrated help system. Some of the pages provide you help button on the corner of the web page that describes use of each function and buttons on that page. This system provides glossary and troubleshooting type of facilities.

Media manager

The media manager is a tool for uploading and maintaining the media files and folder. The media manager is also integrated to article editor so that websites content can be modified by uploading media files.

Banner manager
Banner manager helps in advertising your website.

Content management
As we know Joomla is a content management system it has a Content manager that allows you to edit your content and provide facility to decide layout for you content for front end without any prior knowledge of coding.

Front-end editing

If you change something in your content then you may need to change something on front end. You can do so by signing into the administrative account and can edit it by simply clicking edit button on the page.

Version controlling

It retains all previous versions of the website and all the changes made in website and articles.

Menu manager

You can customize your menu and menu items and its hierarchy independent of content using menu manager.

Powerful extensibility

Joomla allows you to extend and broaden its functionality.

Extensive ACL for all your access control needs

Joomla manages an Access Control List (ACL) for user of your site. IT controls who can see and who can edit your which part of website.

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