Web Development Trends Followed By Web Development Companies in 2016-2017

Web Development Trends Followed By Web Development Companies in 2016-2017

Like every advancing industry, where customization & design plays a crucial role in delivering quality product, similarly there are ever changing web development trends. As the current year has completed half of its way, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that you wish to avoid in the upcoming year. All these trends applied for the web development in the year of 2016-2017.

A Quick Overview on Web Development Trends which you should follow:

  1. Using Singular Divs as Block Items: Independent blocks are in use. This modules can easily use on any page along with homepage. Due to this, responsive design is among the important factor to consider at the time of layout selection.
  2. Single Screen Layout: Single screen like magazine-style image layout are in demand. If combining with effective image, it gives stunning result for website development. This combination is utilized by many web development companies in India, because it offers modern layout along with ease of utilization and clarity of design. If you are not comfortable with this you can either opt for the next one.
  3. Multiple Simultaneous Screens Layout: This will allow you to have two different layouts and split screen allows you to select the one which performance better that the other.
  4. Implement Longer Scrolling Sites: To give your website a feel like story telling or to make site more mobile friendly, it is best to use longer scrolling sites. In today’s trends this practice is highly incorporated by many web developers.
  5. App like Menus: Numerous websites are now implementing app-like responsive design especially header and menus of the complete website. For an instance, developers use either hidden fly out/slide out menu or vertical menu on the side which is equally effective on various multitudes of resolutions.
  6. Speed and Performance: In earlier points an efficient web design is compared to achieve more in less effort, and deliver more result with less complexity. A site with high page speed has a positive impact on visitors as compared to much sophisticated site. For your knowledge, Time to first byte or TTFB is a crucial factor in SEO rankings also.

What Should You Don’t Use for Web Development In Upcoming year?

  • Superficial Lines and Borders (Don’t): Avoid flashy containers or shiny plug-ins, borders (headers or footers).
  • Non-Essential Design Elements (Don’t): Remove all sophisticated and excessive design elements
  • Shoddy Graphics and Stock Images (Don’t): DO not use stock imagery or generic images.

A website is the business carrier for your firm. Do not avoid or settle for bad design just for the sake of saving a little amount of money. It is your right to get the experimented, innovative and perfect website. Or you can contact professional web development company India who is well versed with all the technologies and regular update with latest trends.

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