Why You Should Develop Your Website To Be Responsive

Why You Should Develop Your Website To Be Responsive

If you are planning to develop a website, whether for business or personal purpose, you need to ensure that the site will be accessible to everyone no matter what type of device they use. And the easiest way to do this will be by building the website using responsive technologies. In this post, we list out the five benefits of developing a responsive website.

Quick Mobile Deployment

If you are planning to get your mobile site online as quickly as possible, then building a responsive website is the easiest way to do this. If you try to build a separate mobile site, then lots of time and money will be wasted, and you will have to wait longer for the developers to adopt the desktop website into mobile. However, when you choose to build a website responsibly, only a single website is being built. But this website will adapt to almost all devices with ease, whether it be on your desktop or smartphone. As such, you will be able to make the website available to mobile users quickly. Consult any good website development services in Manchester to know further about how mobile deployment can be accelerated by developing a responsive website.

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Search Engine Boost

Responsive websites are also seen more favorably by search engines. In fact, Google is known to give a few brownie points to websites that can load on a mobile as well as they load on desktop browsers. And the faster the load times, the better. So, why waste an easy opportunity to get the search engines to look at your website in a positive light? Make it responsive.

Low Bounce Rates

A website that is primarily made for the desktop users will not do well on a mobile. And considering that almost half of the internet users are accessing it through smartphones, it should be sensible why a responsive website is a must. A non-response website will not load properly in a mobile, thereby irritating the user, and resulting in a high bounce rate. So, develop the website to be responsive and you will see the bounce rates reduce considerably.

Negligible Maintenance

Since you are only building a single website for both desktop and mobile, the maintenance costs will be very low. If you had built separate websites, then you will have had to spend a lot of money in maintaining both of them. And by cutting down the cost of maintenance, you can use your website budget for other tasks like content creation, SEO, and so on.

Easy Analytics

Another benefit of a responsive website is that analytics becomes a much easier thing to do. Without a responsive website, you would have had to collate analytics data from two different sources – mobile and desktop. As such, the entire analytic process becomes too complicated and messy because of having to essentially do the same task twice. This problem is completely resolved thanks to responsive websites since you only need to check the data from a single source only.

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