WhatsApp Plus For Android – Best Alternative To WhatsApp Application
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WhatsApp Plus For Android – Best Alternative To WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp Plus For Android – Best Alternative To WhatsApp Application

If you are already bored with certain features of the whatsapp and are searching for the alternative to whatsapp, we have the best option for you. The whatsapp Plus for Android serves the best alternative to whatsapp, which comes in apk format.

WhatsApp Plus For Android

What is best for our Smartphone, we know very well. But when best becomes bored, what to do? Apparently, we searched for the alternative to use the same app but with different features. We don’t know how many of you out there are happy with the whatsapp functionalities, but sometimes, to be frank, it becomes bored to use the app. We tried to customize the whatsapp as per our convenience but in vain. The official whatsapp does not allow making any changes in the app settings or UI.

whatsapp plus apk for android

When we tried to search for the alternative to whatsapp, we came across the excellent application, whatsapp plus for Android. The whatsapp plus is the modded application, developed for the Android users which enables them to change the specifications and features as per the user desires. The whatsapp plus for Android comes in the apk format, which means the app is available in the third party application category. To download the third party application, it is necessary to download the app from the third party download software and link which are safe and secure to open and function in the device.

While we are already discussing the whatsapp plus for Android, it will be wiser for us to also discuss the features and how you can benefit with the alternative to whatsapp. You can always be assured about the information we are sharing here are vital and authentic. The features of the whatsapp plus for Android are discussed in the next segment. To download the whatsapp plus for Android, it is necessary for you to have the Android version 4.0 or above 4.0 otherwise the app may not function properly.

WhatsApp Plus Features

Every application is the complete package of several benefits. Therefore, we will unfold the list of features which will provide you the knowledge about how you can use the whatsapp plus and what the app is capable of doing on the Android device.

Privacy Concern

You can hide your last seen, status and blue ticks, ensuring you to be behind the curtains.

Group Invite Links

Invite anyone to the whatsapp groups by sending them the invite links.

Change The Icon Color

You can now easily change the whatsapp icon color from the available color list.

Safeguard Your Chats

The whatsapp Plus for Android has the inbuilt lock feature, which ensures all your conversations are safe and no one can read them without your permission.

Add-On Features

There are several features in the whatsapp Plus which are added in the updated version. Video calling, option to disable the voice calling feature and other customization features.

Send Other Than Images

You are already enjoying the benefit of sending the pictures, videos, audios from the whatsapp; in the whatsapp Plus for Android, you can send the docs, links, PDF texts and many other relevant attachments.

Changing Themes And Styles

Through the application, you can modify the themes and also conversation text styles.

Modified Status

You can update your status up to 255 characters and copy the friend’s status with the status clipboard.

Modify The Image Size

Without compressing the image file, you can send the images as many as you want in the HD format.

Hassle-Free Registration Process

By taking the back-up of your chats, you can retrieve the old chats and history in the whatsapp if you are installing again in the device, without going through the registration process.

Check The Contact Online Status

You can keep track of your friends and other contacts that were online and at what time.

There are many more features yet to explore, but once you download the whatsapp plus apk for Android, we are sure you will loave the modded app more than the official whatsapp.

Final Words,

There are many another alternative to whatsapp like GBWhatsApp, blue whatsapp, etc. But we trust the whatsapp Plus for Android because of the features and commitments the developers have promised to the users. The features are worth to use and experience them. You can share the post with your friends on the social networking sites like Facebook, Google or Twitter.

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